5 Reasons to Try Rollerball Perfumes

5 Reasons to Try Rollerball Perfumes

1. They're travel-friendly.
Rollerballs are great because first and foremost, they're portable. I can easily throw three in my bag and have just as many different options for my weekend getaway to the Hamptons. Done. Also: no TSA hassle if you're flying somewhere.

2. You get targeted application.
Are you someone who generally over-applies fragrance? Scared of smelling like a baby prostitute a la Cady in Mean Girls? Or do you simply not want to overwhelm your date (or cubicle mate?) Then rollerballs are for you. Pick a few spots to focus on (back of the neck, pulse points, behind earlobes) and let the oils do the work, not your fingers!

3. They're relatively inexpensive.
Most rollerballs range from $15 to $25, which isn't bad for designer fragrance. Not sure if you want to take the $100 plunge for a bottle of Prada Candy? Try it first with the rollerball version. Even better, try four different scents for $100—and then decide whether you want the full version.

4. Rollerball scents are easy to layer.
We're big advocates of layering fragrance. It's a great way to create your own special scent and leave your signature around.

5. They can be really pretty!
OK, OK. We might be guilty of having a cup full of rollerballs on our desk JUST because they're pretty to look at. But it's true: Rollerballs are just as pretty to look at as their big sisters! And that's enough of a reason for us to hoard them.

Source: www.glamour.com



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