D’ores et Déjà, Release the French diva in you!

D’ores et Déjà, Release the French diva in you!

D’ores et Déjà is a woman’s best friend! It reaps its inspiration from the zest for life of the high-spirited, temperamental woman and it is designed to arouse her vitality and spark her passion and enthusiasm by treating her to its opulent fragrance.

Luxurious and reminiscent of high-class Parisian women, its floral-fruity notes evoke the powerful natures of spring and summer and incite a spirit of exploration: the urge to discover new horizons, meet new people, encounter new challenges, dive into new experiences! And D’ores et Déjà will make sure that you do it all in style by bringing out the French diva in you!

D’ores et Déjà combines the bright summary spirit of adventure with that of the bold, assertive woman who knows her worth, never settles for less than she deserves and is not afraid to ask for what she wants, right here, right now!

The perfume balances daring floral-fruity aromas with mystifying earthy notes. The very first impression that D’ores et Déjà leaves is intensely floral, akin to walking deep into a flower garden at the descent of a hot summer twilight as the first stars begin adoring the night sky.

The potent notes of champaca flower, rose and violet will rekindle an indistinguishable zeal for life in you! Champaca is a flower related to the Magnolia family and has a warm, creamy, heady fragrance that is rare, intimate and beautiful.

Blended with seductive rose and romantic violets, this cocktail is the definition of spellbinding: it pulls you in and captivates you entirely before it invites you into its dramatic heart made of damson, wood amaranth and orchid. 

The damson plum is a strong, resilient fruit that can thrive in any conditions and its sharp sour sweetness encapsulates the spirit of the strong, desired woman.

Combined with the rare earthy notes of amaranth and the opulent wonder of orchids, this potion forms the body of the perfume and possesses the quality of French vogue and feminine individuality!

This engrossing concoction rests on a dramatic bed of musk, blackberry and vanilla: a mixture that instils substance and significance!

The notes of musk bottle the mysteries of being a woman; musk posses a subtle bewitching allure that draws you in gently, gradually, as if to whisper a secret in your ear.

It is the blackberry that leaves a dramatic mark on the scent: its rich, candied darkness is succulent and tantalizing: an infusion that is likely to turn you into somebody’s unforgettable obsession. The closing notes of tender, affectionate vanilla complete the perfume with an aura of sophistication.

D’ores et Déjà is the fragrance of the chic woman who likes to be pampered and is not afraid to ask, knowing she deserves it!

It bottles her frisky spirit, her allure, her eagerness to live life to the fullest! D’ores et Déjà contaminates with a vigour for life, adventure and opulence: give into it!

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