Château de Versailles

Château de Versailles

Château de Versailles earned its worldly reputation when Louis XIV took the throne and moved to the palace.

Back then it wasn't much of a palace but more of a cottage made of brick and stone. He turned it into a true royal residence by carrying out significant expansions to give the palace its well-known glorious look.

But the real transformation of the palace was on the inside: the moment Louis moved in, so did power, life and passion!

He brought every brick, every wall, every part of the palace to life by instilling his flamboyant personality and thirst for life. The palace became not only a centre for the government of France but also the centre of high-life. Louise XIV loved to pamper himself and was even given the nickname 'Doux Fleurant' – Sweet Smelling, because of his passion for fragrance.

He expanded the legacy of  Catherine de Medicis who first introduced the trend of fragrance to the palace at the beginning of the 16th century, and took great pleasure in having his perfume maker – Mr Martial make special formulations just for him and his lovers.

Fragrance was an obsession for the residence of the royal court, a way to establish one's social standing! It was fashionable to scent gloves, paper, scarfs.

The fragrance preference of Louis XIV epitomises the passion, sensuality and elegance that were so prevailing in his time. He turned the Versailles Palace not only in the centre of French Authority but also the mecca of societal glamour and intoxicating feasts of life. Outside the doors of his chambers he ruled France but behind them he ruled the hearts of his many mistresses, who's youth and flamboyant beauty inspired him to live in style and opulence.

So many years later French olfactory recovered the historical formulation that were preserved in the Versailles Archives to bring a glimpse of the glory of Versailles into the modern world of fashion and created Perfumes du Château de Versailles.

They come directly from the cradle of fragrance and combined with modern techniques, recapture the heritage and splendour of  Château de Versailles.



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