Boost your beauty confidence

Boost your beauty confidence

Purchasing your beauty Picks from Pick N Dazzle is like treating yourself each and every month. It’s the only way to buy a gift for yourself without knowing what the gift is going to be. But it’s not only that. Pick N Dazzle is designed to maximize your convenience, savings and beauty satisfaction. You can get your beauty Picks at an affordable price and clearly much cheaper than the real price of the products on the market.

With Pick N Dazzle’s three different beauty Picks categories however, may be it’s hard to decide which one is the best deal for you. In this article we will outline each category’s main benefits to help you narrow down to the one that has your name written all over it.

The Premium Picks category is our favourite as it is the ultimate indulgence gift and gives you the highest value. You get the most exciting products with 20% discount when you choose 6 months of service. Isn’t that like the highest saving rate ever? Moreover, nothing makes you feel more pampered than high-end brands from the world’s beauty capitals like Paris, London, Milan and New York. 

Although most beauty services say they offer makeup, skin care and hair care products, the amount of makeup is slim compared to the skin and hair care products you will receive. As you know, the price of makeup can be sky-high. However, our Explorer Program is brimming with makeup products that are waiting to be unpacked, tested and loved! 

If you’re not into luxury products (well, we just don’t believe that!), our Sleek Picks category is right for you. It will give you basic, but essential products to power up your beauty routine, products from value brands and one-of-a-kind beauty finds, which our talented beauty experts have found for you. 

And out last category - The Dazzling Picks, is full to the brim of upper mass market products that care for your skin, hair and overall well-being. Call them a great deal, a bargain, or a best value for money, the Dazzling Picks include newly developed brands and some prestige lines as well. 

So go ahead and choose your Picks, which will serve your beauty routine at best. If you still have any questions regarding our Picks, our experts will be more than happy to answer: Also, do write reviews if you have tried any products displayed on our website. We love to read them and hear from you!




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