Your Skin Is Dry And Flaking? Let’s Fix That!

Your Skin Is Dry And Flaking? Let’s Fix That!

Maybe you’ve been there before: you wake up one morning and find your skin in an all-out revolt. It is so dried out that it hurts; it’s red and flaking; it feels rough instead of smooth.

When it comes to dry skin, we all need a little help to know better its needs and to get that ever-elusive glow. Below, we serve up our expert tips to keep your skin in tip-top shape. 

How to tell if your skin is dry

Usually, you can tell that your skin is dry if it feels taut at two crucial times—after waking and cleansing.

The best way to double check this fact is to try Rouleau's tape test to confirm you have dry skin. Apply a piece of clear tape to the forehead, rub gently, and remove. If the tape is embedded with tiny pieces of flakes, your skin is dry.

How to repair dry skin 

Since dry skin sometimes appears dull and flaking, it's not just about making it 'feel' moist but actually repairing the skin so it is truly moist with long-term hydration and radiant glow.

There’s one simple rule to achieve this: the greater the oil content, the better absorption through the skin barriers to hydrate the tissue. 

Best ingredients for dry skin 

Before you start reading the ingredients list on the packaging, make sure that you're not confusing dehydrated with dry.

Dehydration is caused when water is stripped from skin and dryness defines skin that produces little to no oil naturally.

While dehydrated skin needs products that replenish water levels, truly dry skin needs non–pore clogging ingredients like essential oils including Lemon, Carrot seeds, Cinnamon bark and green Oregano which have exceptional purity.

Be sure to read labels and avoid isopropyl myristate and isopropyl palmitate used in moisturizers to temporarily soothe skin. They can cause the cycle of dryness to worsen in the long run. 

Recommended Dry Skin Products 

Depending on the price of your monthly Beauty Program that you have chosen in our store, we will give you variations of excellent creams for skin hydration. All of these are of excellent quality and are tested by our clients.

Read what they share about products and choose them in your personal box.

SPA ENERGY INTENSIVELY HYDRATING CREAM WITH UV FILTER - you can find it in Sleek Picks and, although the price of this product is extremely affordable, do not let that mislead you.The product contains high quality ingredients.

Intensively Hydrating Cream "SPA Energy" with Caviar Complex, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Uv Filter. Hydrates skin in depth and protects it from the free radicals and harm caused by the everyday exposure to the sun.

Active ingredients: caviar complexe, jojoba oil, vitamin E, UV filter.

Formula specifically developed to hydrate skin in depth and to protect it from the free radicals and harm caused by the everyday exposure to the sun.

24 HOUR FACIAL DEEP MOISTURISER CREAM LINFA AGE - a product with reviews from Pick N Dazzle customers. You can find him in Dazzling Picks. This product is an excellent help in the fight against dry skin!

This is a liquid crystal emulsion with a light but intense, rapidly absorbed and velvety texture, containing eco-certified emulsifiers.

It has considerable moisturizing, emollient and protective properties and is able to balance moisture in the skin, maintaining over 24 hours an optimal balance of intercellular water.

SKINNIKS HYDRA PROTECTOR ANTI-AGEING DAY CREAM SPF 15 - A luxury product, manufactured in the Netherlands, with international awards in Paris. You will find him in Premium Picks.

The SKINNIKS HYDRA PROTECTOR range fights the first signs of wrinkles. These products have an anti-ageing effect by offering intense hydration and protection to maintain a youthful and radiant skin.

YOUR BENEFITS • provides intense hydration and protection for the skin (night cream 24H hydration) • uses an intelligent hydration technology adapting to the surrounding environment of temperature and humidity levels • offers protection against UV radiation induced skin ageing (SPF 15 day cream) • helps to treat and prevent the first signs of wrinkles

HYDRAPLUS CREAM BY NAOBAY - for lovers of organic cosmetics we offer the NAOBAY range. You will find the products in Premium Picks.

HydraPlus Cream was specially formulated for deep-down skin moisturizing action, particularly thanks to Sage extract, which boasts water-retaining skin properties.

In addition to Olive* oil, HydraPlus Cream also contains Aloe Vera*, Marshmallow* and Chamomile* extracts, which help protect and moisturize the skin.




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