Your Beauty Picks, tidy and in perfect order

You think you've got beauty-product clutter? We know exactly what are you talking about, this rough life, right? Still, it makes for the ultimate organisational challenge. And because this year we decided to finally figure out new ways to sort our hair, makeup, and skin care loot so that everything has a place, we can help you do the same. Now you can make your own beauty space on our website and sort your favourite products in categories. 

Here’s how that happens. After you sign up for our beauty service and receive you first Beauty Picks, they all will appear in your PickNDazzle profile. Simply click on your name and, voila, you will see them - your Beauty Picks, Current Plans, Order History and your account details. 

When you click on a particular product you will be provided with short summary on how to use it, which are its claims, what is it for generally as well as more details about the brand. You can also rate it by clicking ‘Love It’, ‘Like It’ and ‘Don’t Like It’ and you can leave a comment about the products. This way our beauty experts as well as our customers will know if it is worth it. 

Please, keep in mind that our beauty experts are looking at your Beauty Profile and Beauty Picks regularly in order to get to know more about your taste and preferences. So if you rate a product with ‘Love It’, they will wait until you run out of it and will send it to you again. Thus, you can never miss your favourite beauty products. 

Long story short, if you’re looking to learn and experiment with various beauty brands, our beauty service may be exactly what you need. You can check out what our Community has to say about PickNDazzle, or see our current promotion Sparkle and Splash, offering you three bath products with lovely notes of vanilla, jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose for free. 














If you’re interested in trying them, sign up for our beauty service for the next 6 months and we will make your summer sparkle with products by VIVIAN GRAY for free. You can do that right here and shine bright like a diamond all summer long!

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