You need to exfoliate your skin regularly

You need to exfoliate your skin regularly

You probably have lots of products on your bathroom shelf- shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, your favorite sponge, and a bunch of other accessories, but which relevant product are you missing?

Scrub, of course! 

How often do you remember to use body scrub on your body and face? Do not worry, I also forget to do it sometimes, but now you can easily correct this mistake. Choose your favorite scrub product today and start enjoying healthy and glowing skin.


Pick N Dazzle experts have carefully listed the benefits of regular skin exfoliation for you, so if you want to know how this beauty ritual will affect you, keep on reading!

Using a body scrub will help you to get rid of dead skin cells that prevent fresh and renewed skin from showing up. You may think that you do not need exfoliation because the surface of your skin is soft from the everyday usage of various lotions and body oils, but the body scrub goes beyond surface level to remove dead skin and reveal the healthy, glowing skin below.

Did you know that the skin on our elbows and knees is most prone to dryness due to all the daily activities we perform? Experts recommend more exfoliation for these parts of the body, without forgetting to apply lotion afterwards.

Regular exfoliation is moisturizers’ best friend. There is a simple explanation for that- when you apply a body lotion after using a body scrub, it will be absorbed instantly, because you have already removed unnecessary dead skin cells. That way your body will absorb the applied lotion much easier and faster. Choose the most suitable moisturizer for yourself today by filling out your personal beauty profile now!

You have probably heard of the problem called strawberry skin. It represents all those shrunk pores on your legs’ skin that look like the surface of a strawberry. 

The reason for their appearance is the accumulation of dirt and dead skin, which visibly makes the pores larger. Now you can quickly get rid of them by making the usage of body scrub a daily habit. Exfoliation removes all dirt in the pores and helps reduce them.

Once you take care of your pores and you are sure that they are clean and the skin is renewed, it is time for another plus from body scrub usage. Thus, cleansed skin will be able to absorb and retain for a longer time the aromas and properties of the applied products. Which means that you will enjoy hydrated and fragrant skin throughout the whole day. Isn’t this just awesome?

Exfoliation with body scrub has another summer advantage. Exfoliation before vacation will help the sun's rays to reach the new cells of your renewed skin. This way, your tan will last longer without having to worry about "losing" it the next time you take a bath. Of course, any sun exposure should be controlled to avoid sunburn, which is dangerous to your health! You can choose your favorite beach product here.

Finally, exfoliation will help you relax and reduce stress. The gentle massage that you will give yourself will refresh you and boost your energy for new adventures.

Do not waste no more time, start your subscription now and give yourself the deserved care you dream of!




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