'Would I purchase it again? Yes!'

Hi, I am Andreea Șerban and I am a blogger, a student and I also work. I am a 21 year old woman with very little free time and I do often tend to shop online for my beauty products as I have quite a passion for everything beauty and skincare. I found out about the Pick N Dazzle Box by accident, just by scrolling on facebook, and then I saw it on a few blogs, and that is when I started to get really curious. A beauty box with mysterious products, 4 of them, full size and a Beauty Profile to go with it. So I decided that I want to have my own box. I placed my order in December, a few days before Christmas, Dazzling Picks for 6 months. I was a bit unsure but just before Christmas I got my beautiful red box. I was so excited, just like a child and I couldn’t wait but open my box to see what I got.

Each of the boxes that I received was incredible. The products are of an amazing quality, they are all totally new to me which is even more interesting as I love to try new products and  see how they work, most of them are from organic and cruelty free brands, which is one of the things that I mostly love about them. Every one that I tried has been a pleasant experience and my skin loved them. The makeup brand, Teeez also impressed me with the quality and amazing colours. The concept is great, 

you fill in your profile, you submit it, and then everything will be selected for you, for your needs and most important for your preferences. If you don’t like something, there are no chances that you will receive that. I fell in love with my first box, and again with my second and my third. I am so impressed of the quality of the products in general, but also the selection. It is indeed an unique experience and it just gives you the feeling of receiving a gift every month.

Pick N Dazzle is a very interesting way of shopping and also a very pleasant experience. I know I had some thoughts that I might not like the products, or that maybe I will be sent something that I don’t need. This was not the case, which proves how well this concept was thought. Would I purchase it again? Yes. I still have three more months to go and I am so eager for every little box every single month, so yes, I do think that I want to make a really nice present to myself every month, it’s a little bit of joy wrapped up nicely in a red box.

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