With ❤ From Pick N Dazzle

With ❤ From Pick N Dazzle

Have you ever dreamt about a place where you can save your favourite beauty products? A simple yet convenient platform where you can sign in and go through all beauty goodies that you loved and liked, choose some of them and receive them right to your door the next day? 

Well, we’ve got exciting news for you! Starting from April, all of our customers will have the chance to create their Personal Beauty Picks Lists by rating the products that have been pre-selected by our Beauty Experts and the customer has tested. Thus, we will be able to know which of the products you love and wish to receive again after their prime has passed. Isn’t that great? We will keep an eye on your cosmetic shelf and will send you only those beauty goodies that you really need and fit your personal style. No problem, you will thank us later; that’s simply our job. 

In February we started with our Product Feedback Surveys, so here we share the TOP 3 brands that our customers love most. So, drum roll, everyone, here are the winners: 

Premium Picks: 

1) NAOBAY - Our customers who loved this great brand think that natural and organic skin care should be as simple as NAOBAY’s unique wooden packaging. They enjoyed the indulgent shea butter and skin-saving rosehip, olive and Argan Oils. Say ‘Hasta la vista’ to parabens and check more details about NAOBAY here

2) Abellie - Our customers are fascinated by this innovative, efficient, and eco-friendly skin care brand. They loved Abellie’s products because of the Honey and its softening effect, and because of the Royal Jelly for its revitalizing effect. Discover this unique beauty elixir that bees and nature created for us here

3) Teeez - With their beauty goodies our customers redefined limits, crossed borders and stayed away from anything traditional! What’s not to love about this brand? This was one of the reasons why we chose to add not only one but three of Teeez makeup lines — Desert Glow, Sugar Rush, (in Premium Picks) and La Isla Chique (featured Dazzling Picks). We are more than happy that we did it, because it seems you simply love Teeez products. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from almost all of our customers.

Dazzling Picks 

1) Linfa Age - This line contains phytotherapeutic extracts, and has been formulated for the daily care of skin, and hair. It is suitable for some of the more common dermatological complaints, such as sensitive and reactive skin, dry and devitalized skin, senescent and thinned skin and greasy and impure skin. 

2) VitaAge In - This is one of the favourite lines of our customers who are in their 30ties. Vita Age In is specifically developed for treatment of the face, eye area, neck and décolleté with considerable anti-ageing power thanks to the synergetic action of active plant ingredients. 

3) Indemne - Why are customers love this brand? Well, it is unique, but that’s not all. Unlike the products issued from the industry flooding the market, INDEMNE's essential oils gently and safely penetrate and soothe skin tissue when used according to instructions.

Sleek Picks 


1) SPA Energy -  Just two words — caviar complex (rich in amino acids, minerals and oligo-elements) that regulates hydration and leaves the skin smooth, velvety, and shiny; and jojoba oil (combined with UV filter) that prevents the appearance of spots caused by the sun. Oh, we almost forgot. It’s preservatives free.

2) Rimmel London - There’s no surprise that everyone loves those iconic beauty looks that one can create with Rimmel London’s products. Those high quality range of products and colours allow you to break your own beauty rules, and get the London look.

3) Lady Lya - One thing is sure — our customers love organic and natural products. Thus, Lady Lya Biologica is one of the TOP of mind brands in our Sleek Picks portfolio. This sophisticated brand ensures the use of high-quality organic raw materials, and is also suitable for any kind of skin for the pigments of the organic formulation have a low content of heavy metals. 

We’ve got your attention? Start building your Personal Beauty Picks today. Complete your Beauty profile and choose from well-known and discovery brands to top up your beauty game.  



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