Wing It: Cat Eyes For Every Eye Shape

A note – it’s common that your eye shape may fall into several categories. Combine recommended techniques to guide you toward a custom cat eye just for you.

Down-Turned Eyes

A cat eye works very well for this eye shape. Rounded outer lids can create a downturned appearance that’s only enhanced by a hard line. Here’s the trick: instead of following the eye shape, pick the ideal point where you’d like the winged liner to flare, and connect it to your top liner, and then connect to the end of your bottom lid. This is a chunkier cat eye with a triangular look that makes the eyes appear lifted. For even more lift, use a flesh-toned pencil on the outer corner of the eyes to conceal discoloration.

Up-Turned Eyes

It’s hard to go wrong with this style on this naturally cat-like eye shape. When eyes turn up at the ends, the bottom lid tends to appear longer than the top, making an extended cat eye a perfect way to balance out the shape. Keep your line thin, follow your eye’s natural shape, and wing it out on the end.

Hooded Lids

It can seem pointless to try and create a crisp line on lids that naturally cover up your hard work. Luckily, a cat eye focuses on the outer 

corner of the eye, and that should be your point of focus, too. Line your eyes following the lash line, but don’t be afraid to extend up and out at the end. The fully lined lid strengthens the look but the real focus is on that edge wing. Feel free to draw it thick and connect it to your lower lid.

Protruding Eyes

With the wrong makeup, big, heavy-lidded eyes can look as though they’re bulging. Temper a large lid with a thicker cat eye, and don’t be afraid to use a little shadow on your top and bottom lids for a smokier look that will soften the shape and give you enviable bedroom eyes.

Mono Eyelids

A monolid is a single upper eyelid, as opposed to an eyelid with a fold or crease. A cat eye can enhance a monolid dramatically and beautifully when it’s done right. Because of the way the skin on the lid hangs, the liner must be drawn on extra thick to be visible when the eye is open. Monolid eyes generally have a beautiful upturned shape, which lends itself well to most winged liner techniques.

Deep Set Eyes

Eyes can generally appear smaller with this shape, but that can be fixed with shadow. Keep the cat eye thin along the base of the lashes to make the top lid appear full, and use a darker shadow below to create lid definition beneath to balance it.


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