Which Fall Fragrance Suits Your Personality?

"Over the years, I've seen personalities gravitate to the same notes," says Lang, CEO of Beauty Encounter. "A scent certainly can be an extension of one's personality." Whether you're bold or reserved, a romantic or a realist, adventurous or a wallflower, there's a new fall scent to match your personality. Here, the fall fragrances sure to become your signature scent.

If You Dream of Being a CEO

The scent you'll love: Lang says powerful women are drawn toward bold, floral scents. "Florals have a powerful, yet feminine presence. They are pleasant and don't overwhelm the senses, allowing the woman - not the perfume - to make the statement."

Notes to look for: In the fall, it's important to look for bigger fragrance notes, as lighter, more transparent scents don't stand up to cold weather, says Crames. "Jasmine is a good fall floral, because it's more effusive. It's spicy and earthy." Also look for gardenia and musk for the perfect blend of bold and feminine.

If You Would Spend 365 Outdoors

The scent you'll love: "Athletes and adventurous women like fresh, citrus scents," says Lang. "The notes evoke the feeling of being in nature. They settle quietly on the skin and don't overpower the scents of your surroundings, allowing you to breathe it all in." Because these scents are so light, Crames cautions that you may have to apply them more often in the fall and winter. 

Notes to look for: Fragrances containing notes of orange blossom, grapefruit and pear have just the right amount of zest.

If You Steal Your Man's Cologne, Button Downs, Jeans ... 

The scent you'll love: If you keep borrowing your guy's cologne, it's time you got your own. "Notes that were in the past considered masculine are in more women's fragrances now," says Crames. "Masculine scents are powerful. They have more body and they're really sexier."

Lang agrees saying, spicy cedar or peppery scents are for "the girl that is a firecracker. She is bold, outspoken and unafraid to go after what she wants."

Notes to look for: Dark green notes like cedar are popular in fall fragrances, says Crames. Also look 

for darker musks such as tobacco or patchouli, and spices like pepper or cardamom.

If Pearls and Polka Dots Are Your Go-Tos

The scent you'll love: Girly-girls gravitate toward sweet, fruity fragrances time and time again, says Lang. "[These fragrances] have a distinct sweetness that exudes femininity." 

Notes to look for: Unlike the fruity, citrus scents adventure-seekers love, these fragrances pair zesty grapefruit notes with peach and green apple for a softer, sweeter scent. Mandarin and lychee are also fun and flirty fragrance notes.

If Louboutins Are on Your Lust List

The scent you'll love: Fashion-lovers aren't afraid to express themselves - whether it's with a trendy new accessory that hasn't hit the mainstream, or with bold, statement-making colors. Likewise, fashionistas prefer expressive fragrances, says Lang. "Soft floral scents are always fresh and in style." Combine that floral scent with musk undertones for "noticeable richness." "Many best-selling designer fragrances are built on a combination of these notes."

Notes to look for: Combinations of peony, jasmine, violet and lily of the valley will appease your senses. Warm, earthy florals like violet have strong staying power in colder months, says Crames.

If You're a "Go With the Flow" Type

The scent you'll love: Vanilla-based scents with the addition of floral notes are relaxing for a laid-back personality. "Florals are grounded (from the earth), and vanilla evokes comfort and warmth," says Lang. "When you combine these two, you find the girl who doesn't take herself too seriously, yet has her own unique sense of style."

Notes to look for: Look for fragrances with strong vanilla notes, accompanied by jasmine, amber, sandalwood, patchouli or cedar.

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