When Matching Your Makeup to Your Outfit Totally Works

It seems like just yesterday that being too matchy-matchy was a huge fashion faux pas. Today, the style set is matching anything and everything. Celebs and stylists have proved that, when it's done correctly, color-coordinating your makeup, outfit and accessories can have gorgeous results. Here's how. 

Pick One Area to Spotlight

When color-coordinating your makeup and your outfit, it's easy to go overboard. To strike the perfect balance, pick one area of your makeup look to make a statement and keep the rest neutral. For example, if you're matching a bold red lip to your red dress, opt for simple liner or mascara rather than an intricate smoky eye.

Don't Get Hung Up on Creating the Perfect Match 

You don't have to find an exact shade match when color-coordinating your looks, especially if you're matching your eyeshadow to your 

ensemble - it quickly starts to look costume-y. Simply look for shades in the same color family with similar undertones to get the right effect. 

Start Small 

You can easily get the color-coordinated trend by matching your mani to your outfit. You can also try matching your nail polish to your lipstick, another trend that celebrities have been giving a go on the red carpet.

Amp up Your Accessories

Try matching your accessories with your outfit for a look that's color-coordinated from head to toe. (Extra points if your shoes happen to show off your matching pedi.)

Source: www.totalbeauty.com

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