What serums should you use?

Why bother using a serum in the first place? You’ve got your cleanser, your moisturiser, your SPF and sometimes you even add a mask when you’re tired of the world and need some refreshment. So, what’s the deal?

Well, if you haven’t been using a serum up until now, you’ve really been missing out. They’re bombs full of nutrients and hydration for your skin that can work to enhance the properties of all your other products and rescue you when you’ve been making beauty mistakes. 

Most serums should be applied twice daily.

This serum has a combination of ingredients from above.  It contains hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated, it has Vitamin C to act as an antioxidant, and it has an extract of plant stem cells that keep your skin’s structure intact. In addition, it has collagen and elastin as a bonus to help raise the amounts in your skin–even if you are not producing enough on your own. susceptible to the sun).

Serums like this one, that are full of essential oils and Omega-3 fatty acids can aid the skin barrier function during the night so that it’s healed and ready for whatever you’ll be up to the next day. The Caviar extract provides much nutrients to the skin, while Resveratrol and Vitamin E are powerful antioxidants that keep cells young and heal skin that’s been exposed to too much sun.

Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil provide a barrier to keep dirt from going into your pores while helping you with the natural antioxidants within them. Avocado Oil is partially made of Omega-3 fatty acids which are potent anti-inflammatories. As inflammation from inside destroys your cells, this is a super calming ingredient. 

This serum has the ultra-important hyaluronic acid. A few years ago, researchers started looking at populations in Japan that were incredibly long lived and looked years younger than their peers in other places. It turned out that one of the biggest differences was how much hyaluronic acid they had in their skin. It restores moisture to your skin and keeps you from forming wrinkles because dehydration is one of the first factors that causes unpleasant folds in the skin.
It’s extract of orange stem cells helps keep the internal structure of your skin intact as it helps collagen synthesis.  After a certain age, the amount of collagen in your skin naturally begins to decline and you need to take measures beyond a healthy lifestyle to prevent your face from drooping and aging. 


This serum has a powerful combination of essential oils to keep your skin looking fresh. It contains Argan Oil, which is full of natural Vitamin E which is quickly absorbed and utilised by your skin. Argan Oil is perfect for those with sensitive skin as it extremely gentle.  The serum also include Rosehip Oil which is a powerhouse of Vitamin C. Although supplemental antioxidants help your entire body, targeted antioxidants help the areas that you’re worried about most. Vitamin C in particular can protect and undo sun damage. The high-micronised pearls balance your skin and prevent it from dryness and thinning.

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