What does your fragrance says about you?

Did you know that there a few major scent categories? In the past, women would choose a single perfume and use it as their signature scent, but as the times and our options have evolved, we can now choose our fragrance to suit our mood. 


Citrus - VERY T WOMAN, Dazzling Picks
If you’re wearing citrus, you’re most likely bright and cheerful. Citrus what you wear to put yourself in a better mood and wake yourself up. In fact, researchers have shown that the smell of lemon causes you to be more fully awake-a little like a cup of green tea would. It’s a very light scent and often wears off in a few hours so it’s perfect to use for the morning.


Florals - DB SIGNATURE, Dazzling Picks
You’re feeling girly and kind today! This is the sort of perfume you would wear when you want to show off your innocent side: say if you’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents. This type of scent goes great with a bright outfit and is also perfect for day wear. However, some florals aren’t as light as citrus so be warned that they may last a longer period of time.


Fruity - So ..? Exclusive, Sleek Picks
You’re feel like dancing, you’re twice as witty as usual , and perhaps you’re ready for a first date. Fruity perfumes are fresh and spicy without being overwhelming. They’re a little more suitable for evenings than the previous two, but in general, fruity perfumes are extremely versatile. 

So, you’re a little serious today, and maybe up for that interview. Don’t worry, these perfumes don’t smell of salt and seaweed. Instead, they smell fresh and clean, and are perfect for more serious situations where you would like to remain neutral. Go crush them in that meeting!

Green - GENESIAL SAISONS, Premium Picks
You’re ready for a nature trek or up for something sporty. Green scents often smell of fresh leaves, so they’re perfect for day wear where you’re more likely to sweat. Go cheer on your favourite team or explore the city with friends.



Oriental - RV TRE WOMAN, Dazzling Picks
Wow, you’re feminine and confident today! You feel passionate and seductive and everyone is feeling it. Oriental scents are heavy, distantly feminine, and perfect for an evening date. These are the sort of perfumes that can help you break a few hearts. 


You’re warm and sweet today. Spicy scents have notes of cloves, ginger, and cinnamon, and bring to mind a warm home or your favourite delicious cookies. They’re perfect for a cuddle session with someone you love. 


You’re feeling elegant, serious and charming, like some classic actress from the 1950s. These scents often combine sweetness with the solidity of wood and are perfect for situations where you want to charm everyone around you, be it a gala or a date. They’re perfect evening wear for women who find oriental too heavy to wear. 


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