Want to look like an Oscar Nominee?

Ever wondered how an Oscar Nominee gets ready for ceremony? Want to know their secrets for a big day of your own? Here’s some tips from biggest, so you can dazzle.

Eat Well and Hydrate

No one wants to be swollen like a kid’s birthday balloon, especially not when they have to look their best. Celebrity trainers and nutritionists advise that you cut out the worst offenders in your diet. White refined processed sugars, refined wheat, ice cream, and super-sugary protein bars. They also cut out sugar-free candy and gum because they’re prone to making you bloat.

Also, remember to drink water. No matter how much make-up and skincare you slather on, if you’re dehydrated, it’s going to show. Furthermore, if you drink more water, it helps you process salt in your diet. So skip the juice and the cocktails, and keep the alcohol for the night of the event itself.

Get Hair Cuts a Week Early and Prep Your Outfit

If you want to look fabulous, don’t get your hair cut the night of the event. Sometimes, you might love, and sometimes things might not go your way so you’ll need a little bit of leeway time to fix things. Same goes for clothes, although some Oscar nominees have switched their clothes out 3 hours before the ceremony, it pays to not procrastinate.

Furthermore, most celebrities rent their dresses from famous fashion houses because the prices are ridiculously exorbitant.

Use a Primer

Primers are make-up before your make-up, they can cover up skin flaws, scars and even wrinkles to a certain extent. They smooth your skin, so that when you apply your foundation of choice, everything is flawless.

Wanna Dazzle? Blend everything!

To get the optimal smoky-eye, use three smoky colors together and blend away. The pads of your fingers are much more sensitive and precise than brushes and sponges, so you can blend things perfectly. Now, if you’re doing a cat eye, you might want to let your eyeliner dry before putting on your eyeshadow.

What about the Infamous Gift Box?

Nominees get gift boxes worth around 200,000 USD. It includes make-up, the most expensive toilet paper in the world, various subscriptions, and even car rentals. However, many choose to donate the gift boxes to charity.

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