Viktoriia explains why and when to change your skincare routine

Since joining Pick N Dazzle in November, Viktoriia Anilovska has been on the lookout for new, exciting beauty brands to include in our monthly boxes. She is in contact with brands as far away as Korea and is preparing surprises we will all discover soon.

As a pharmacist, Viktoriia knows cosmetics up close. She studied skincare and also worked for cosmetic brands owned by a large pharmaceutical company. She can tell glycerin from glycerol, and she appreciates the power of innovative ingredients to heal and nourish skin.

Unlike others on the Pick N Dazzle team, Viktoriia does not prefer organic or all-natural products.

She has noticed that “it’s a trend now, some people buy only organic, or only herb, or handmade cosmetics.”

But certain additives need to be included, she says, for a product to go deep into the skin or to have the desired effect, for example fight the signs of aging.

Rather than limiting oneself to a certain class of cosmetics, Viktoriia says, “I think it’s best just to check what is individually good for you, because everyone, every skin is different.”

That is why she loves the idea of Pick N Dazzle: it gives each woman the opportunity to test out a range of products selected for her and to find what actually works in that moment of her life.

Viktoriia realised how personal skincare can be when she moved from Ukraine to the Netherlands four years ago. All her favourite products suddenly started failing her.

That product that I was using in Ukraine, it didn’t work here. I was trying to understand what is going on.

I again started experimenting with everything because all creams that I loved, I couldn’t use them anymore. I could see my skin was getting worse.”

Viktoriia realised that the different weather conditions were having an adverse effect on her skin. The climate was much more humid, with lots of rain and wind so strong that “you feel that it goes through you.” Viktoriia’s face would get wet from the rain, and that dried her skin out. At the same time, she discovered she needed “more aggressive cleaning.”

Moving somewhere new is just one of many factors that influence our skin, Viktoriia explains. So do stress, sleep issues, and the changing seasons. Our skin’s needs could be different day to day.

We all have good or bad moments, “and that is why skin needs to be taken care of every time,” Viktoriia says.

No formula exists for the perfect routine, and beauty care should be tailored specifically for each person.

What is Viktoriia’s routine these days? “I’m crazy about masks,” she says. She does them several times each week. She is trying out masks with different effects, like smoothing and brightening.

As for makeup, “I love different lipsticks,” Viktoriia says. Women in the Netherlands wear less makeup than what she was used to, but she continue to let her personality shine through her lipstick.

Next time we find an exciting new brand in our boxes, we will know it was Viktoriia who got it there. As we’re trying on a new mask or lipstick which perfectly fits our mood, we’ll have her to thank for it!

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