The Most Seductive Perfume

The flirtation begins innocently enough with both top notes of Bergamot from Calabria, the Ivory Coast, and Brazil -- sparkling and fresh -- floral. As the seduction becomes more intense our senses discover exotica. Moroccan Orange Flower, sensuous Indian Jasmine. Then suddenly we are poised, trembling at the threshold, the precipice, redolent of warm, voluptuous Cashmere Wood. 

Seductive by Guess is a fragrance for women, and is perfect for colder weather. It is quite sweet, warm and sexy. However, we wouldn't say it is a fruity perfume at all, and it is not a strong floral either, at least in our opinion. 

The sexy scent of Seductive embodies the unique magnetism and playfully captivating style

synonymous with the GUESS brand that reflects the American lifestyle and European fashion sensibilities. This brand communicates a distinctive fun, fashionable and sexy image. And that’s only part of the reason why this sparkling, woody fragrance evokes coy femininity, intoxicating seduction, confidence, and great charm. So if you want to leave a long lasting impression, this is definitely your signature scent.

Guess Seductive is featured in our Premium Picks, high end-brands from around the world selected by beauty experts to suit your preferences and individual style. 

Head: Dazzling Bergamot, vibrant Blackcurrant, Mouth-watering Crispy Pear 

Heart: Orange Flower, Jasmine, Orris 

Base: Vanilla, spicy Olibanum, Cashmere Wood


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