The Hidden Power of Cleansers

It doesn’t matter how many serums, moisturisers and bottles of cover up you have in your bathroom, if you don’t use your cleanser or don’t use it properly, it’s all for nothing.


During the day, your skin is exposed to a lot of stressful factors. There’s sun, dirt, microbes, and waves of unpleasant bacteria every time you reach up and scratch your nose.


Even if you’re the sort of person who has immaculate hygiene and has recently cleaned their phone (did you know that some cell phones carry more bacteria than a toilet seat), if you live in a city, you’re constantly exposed to pollution when you walk outside.


All that dirt calmly settles in your skin and if you don’t get rid of it, that nightly moisturiser is merely going to be a white coat on top of it. This isn’t just useless, it leads to blocked pores, oiliness, and premature wrinkles. 


Before you begin, make sure that you’ve got a cleanser at hand. If you don’t, fear not, we’ll hook you up with one of our awesome cleansers in the next Pick N Dazzle box you get.


Step 1:
Soak your face with warm water and ensure that all areas of your skin are wet. Don’t use scalding or freezing water because it damages and dehydrates your delicate skin.

Step 2:
Apply a small bit of facial cleanser to your skin and use the tips of your fingers to massage your face in a circular motion. Do this for 30 seconds and then rinse. Remember, don’t pull at your skin or be too harsh with it. Avoid your mouth and eye areas. If you have make-up on, use a cotton pad with make up remover before this step so that you can make sure to cleanse everything properly. Just because you’ve gotten all the eyeshadow off of your eyes doesn’t mean that you’ve gotten rid of all the unpleasant bacteria making a living in your nose pores.

Step 3:
Finally pat your skin dry with a clean soft towel that you use only for this purpose. Don’t use a dirty towel because the dirt and bacteria can easily jump back onto you, rendering your efforts useless.

Step 4:
Apply serums, moisturise and you’re done! Now you can put on any make up you want.

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