The Genius Way to Hide a Chipping Manicure Without Taking it Off

We love the reverse French manicure. You know, where the tips of someone's nails are one color on top of another base polish. Well, you can do it to hide the fact that the edges of your manicure are chipping. Isn't that amazing? 

How do you do this? If you take a look at the look the Essie folks created for Rebecca Minkoff fall 2014 at New York Fashion Week, you'll get the idea.

You just drag a brush dipped in a contrasting color along the edge of the nail freehand. Now,

you can do this with French manicure stickers if you're not so sure-handed, but I urge you to skip it—anything too perfect might draw attention to any nicks or dents you're covering up. Think of this as quick-fix camouflage, not a precise nail look.

So did we just change your life or what?


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