The best makeup for your hair colour

If You're Going Jet Black ...

The darker your hair color is, the easier it is to pull off bold makeup hues -- particularly on your lips. Your hair color frames your face, balancing out more saturated lipstick shades -- everything from poppy tangerine to hot pink and, of course, fire-engine red. But remember: If you're choosing a bright lipstick, you'll want to keep your eye makeup subtle. This doesn't mean you have to completely abandon the idea of color on your lids; a dusty lilac or metallic copper will still make your hair and your pout the focal point. As for your cheeks, stick to a blush that's just a hint rosier than your natural skin tone.

If You're Going Platinum Blonde ...


Makeup can be tricky when your hair is platinum. It's easy to overload on color or to be so light-handed that you look washed out. The best way to avoid both pitfalls: Concentrate on giving your face structure by defining your cheekbones with muted blushes or bronzers just a tint darker than your natural skin tone, and play up your eyes.

Start by perfecting your brows with a pencil. For blondes, your brows should be one or two shades darker than your hair color. Then, look to smoky gray eye shadow to add extra edginess. And don't forget the mascara! A few coats in the blackest black should do the trick. Last, choose a nude lip color to further accentuate your smoky lids.

If You're Going Vibrant Red ...

This crimson hair color demands a fair amount of attention all on its own, and your makeup can help to highlight or tone down your showstopping appeal. But before you can even begin to choose your makeup color preferences, you have to start with your skin. Because red hair has a tendency to pick up the pink and blue undertones in fair skin, you'll want to start with a great base that evens out your skin tone -- like a moisturizing CC cream. Another must: concealer (especially for under your eyes).

Now you're ready to add color. For blush, try a soft pink. Then balance the sweet shade with a deeper, more dramatic eye color. We love navy, emerald green or, of course, black.

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