1. Overdoing It
Too much washing can age your skin. Do it no more than twice daily, though an extra wash pre- or post-workout is okay.

2. Using a Harsh Cleanser
Consider swapping out soap—which can strip your skin of its natural oils and cause irritation — for a non-soap cleanser, like NAOBAY Oxygenating Foam Cleanser. This foam thoroughly cleanses away dirt, oil, impurities, environmental pollutants and makeup. From the first use, skin is clean, radiant and refreshed. Oxygenating Foam Cleanser, enriched with aloe vera and chamomile extracts from organic farming, is suitable for all skin types and ideal for combination or sensitive skin.Also, look for cleansers with calming ingredients, like green tea, that will soothe sensitive skin. And if you have oily, acne-prone skin, use a face wash with salicylic acid. 


3. Either Over-Exfoliating or Not Exfoliating at All
Using an exfoliator can enhance the texture and tone of your skin. "As we get older, our own enzymes that normally exfoliate our skin are no longer as effective, so complexions can look rough and dull," Jeannette Graf, M.D., New York dermatologist, told Good Housekeeping. She recommends exfoliating at night, since that's when skin is in "renewal mode," generating new

skin cells. But keep in mind that exfoliating more than twice a week can irritate your skin.

4. Not Washing Off Your Makeup Before Bed

Yes, it's tempting to fall asleep with your makeup on—who hasn't done it? But it can ruin your complexion for weeks, since makeup clogs your pores and prevents sebum, the lubricant in our skin that moisturizes and removes dead skin cells, from doing its job. And don't forget to take off your eye makeup, too—leaving it on could cause infection or irritation.

5. Rinsing with Too-Hot Water
This is especially important in the winter, when we are more dry-skin prone. Since hot water can dry out your skin, try to wash your face at the sink, rather than in the shower, so you can use lukewarm or cold water. 

6. Overusing Facial Wipes
Facial wipes are convenient for removing makeup or doing a quick cleanse when you're in a hurry or at the gym, but don't use them in place of your regular cleanser. To thoroughly clean your pores, always follow up with a cleanser and/or scrub when you get home. A great alternative to facial wipes is GLOV, a patented cosmetic textile accessory, which removes even strong make-up and mascara only with water. The tissue has been designed in nano and micro technology, which means GLOV fibers are 100 times thinner than a human hair and 30 times thinner than a cotton pad fiber. GLOV accessories are extremely soft and delicate, and do not cause any irritations. 


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