The 1 Question We Should Ask Ourselves Every Day

The 1 Question We Should Ask Ourselves Every Day

We, modern women, have endlessly long to-do lists. When we’re in the daily grind, it’s hard to appreciate what is actually going well for us and to celebrate our successes.

We know it’s important to take the time to be grateful, yet few of us practice it enough.

An elderly fortune-teller stopped me on the street the other day. Taking my hand in hers, she said, “Tell me, dear, what are you struggling with in life? Is it love, work, health, or something else? Be honest.”

My first response was to be impatient.

I hadn’t intended to stop and talk with this woman. I was busy: I was headed to the Government Bureau of something or other to submit some paperwork. I had no time for distractions.

Irritated as I was, I considered the question. What wasn’t going well for me?

I have a loving partner, and I’m healthy – something that we rarely appreciate until it’s no longer the case. I also have fulfilling work, like writing blog posts about beauty and wellness.

Amazing, right?

Truly, I had nothing significant to worry about, and now my biggest problem was that a nice stranger had stopped me in the street.

I gave the woman a coin and accepted her well-wishes. I’m not superstitious, but I felt I got a good deal here. This interaction was my daily reminder to be grateful.

Strange as it may sound, my positive experience with the fortune-teller is backed by science.

Not the fortune-telling part, of course – the part about gratitude.

Being thankful significantly improves wellbeing

 and is recommended by the Harvard Medical School.

Americans have a holiday dedicated to gratitude – Thanksgiving. On this day in November, families get together to share what they were grateful for that year.

But once a year isn’t enough. So a myriad blogs, magazines, and wellness influencers are recommending the daily practice of gratitude journaling.

Like many genius ideas, this, too, is simple. Focus on the question: What are you grateful for today?

If you’d like to try gratitude journaling, you can get yourself a pretty notebook and take the time each evening to write down three or five things you are thankful for.

You may be surprised at the full lineup of good things that have happened to you: the cappuccino in the morning. Your colleague saying that your suggestions at the staff meeting were really smart. A Facebook message from an old friend. Your kid’s drawing that she made for you.

So many nice things in one day! Writing them down is proven to boost happiness.

For me, this blog post has been my daily gratitude log. I now feel thankful to the fortune teller, my husband, and my colleagues. I’m in a glowing mood.

So why not try it? What are you grateful for today?

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Otherwise, look around you – something positive is likely happening this very moment.

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