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About the brand

Teeez was born out of an itch to develop a movement that would shake things up and disrupt the industry.

We wanted to give it a new face and inject some New Neo Chic.For us, that meant revolutionizing the label ‘premium” by being clean in everything we do, creating formulas that enhance rather than harm, and having products that deliver on their promise. As an independent brand, with no powers-that-be to answer to, we are able to do just that. But as we wanted to defy the ordinary, we also wanted to fire you up with make-up that is good: good for your look, your skin and your conscience.  

Our Name

When wanting to challenge, disrupt, annoy and provoke – especially in a fun way – what better way of putting it than, ‘to tease’? Which is why we felt it was the perfect choice for us. But we also wanted to show our playful and rebellious spirit, so we added our own twist and came up with ‘Teeez’. An honest name, with no hidden agendas; what you see is what you get. And the triple ‘eee’ paved the way for a logo that, we feel, is inviting and a tag that says it all in just two letters: tz.

Selected Products


Live a Life of Art, Clean Beauty, and Skincare

Beauty has no limits. Teeez knows no boundaries. Developed for true creators, awaken the artist within you. 

Your birthday suit's beauty is timeless. Cherish it. Love it. Protect it. Every Teeez product is packed with skincare benefits to keep your beauty shining.


The Sentiment collection explores beauty expressed by a mood, not a look. Activated by a sensorial combination of smell, aroma and color. Seven unique product lines explore the multi-dimensional layers of emotion. From taboo to temptation. Lust to love. Fear to anger.

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