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About the brand

We, SugaBuba, wanted to create products that highlight the beauty of the woman’s body by adding a glossy shine.

So we focused on finding a special formula, which is not just a bronzer to be used on the beach. We wanted more. We wanted to make you feel like a real Goddess.

Using special formulas and designer fragrances and after numerous studies, exhibitions and collaborations with top professionals in the cosmetic industry, we have created SugaBuba's unique products. When applied to the skin, they have this special power to transform а woman's appearance into a special occasion.

Our formulas are also skin care oriented and contain nourishing and hydrating ingredients. Some of our products are even infused with 24K gold and silver glitter micro particles. The result?

Thousands of women to impress with perfect and glowing skin every day.

Selected Products


Innovation in make-up - holographic eyeliner

Silver texture and intense shine, high-quality ingredients, long-lasting effect, мetallic eyeliner for a fashionable eye accent!

Metallic eyeliner is no longer just a makeup artist's fantasy, it's a necessity for anyone who wants to add a little magic to their everyday look. With shimmering patterned silver particles and a holographic reflection, this product is a surefire way to a captivating look.

The ingredients include specially designed synthetic microparticles that reflect light and create numerous reflections. This formula provides a continuous, long-lasting metallic effect and holographic radiance that is so desired in the fashion world.

Safe and high-quality ingredients ensure that the product is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes, while the glitter elements are subtle and do not cause discomfort when worn.

"METAL GLOW" is dermatologically tested and suitable for people with sensitive eyes.


Is metallic eyeliner suitable for all ages?

Metallic eyeliner can be suitable for people of all ages who are looking for a little more shimmer in their makeup.

What are the best techniques for applying METAL GLOW?

To achieve a precise line, use a thin eyeliner brush or the applicator that comes with the product. Apply with light patting motions for a more dramatic effect. You can experiment with different styles like "cat eyes" or "smoky eyes".

Can I mix the metallic eyeliner with other makeup?

Yes, metallic eyeliner can be easily combined with other eye products such as eyeshadows or eyeliners to create a unique and personalized look.

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SugaBuba does not use nanoparticles in its products!


The natural mineral filters in our certified organic and natural sunscreens start working immediately. There is no need to wait 30 minutes as with the chemical filters used in traditional sunscreens.


Mineral filters consist of titanium dioxide, which is effective against type B ultraviolet rays, and zinc oxide, which has wide-spectrum protective functions against type A UV rays. These substances act on a surface level and do not penetrate into the skin. They reflect the sun's UV rays from the surface of the skin like a screen, enabling you to get a nice sun tan without damaging the skin and epidermal balance.


Nanoparticles are less than 100 nanometers in size. They have different properties than the same substance that is not in the form of nanoparticles, because the nanoparticles have a much higher surface-to-volume ratio. This makes them highly reactive.


Due to their ultra-small size, nanoparticles are able to penetrate the cells of organisms, disrupt their structure and damage human health. Also, they can form free radicals that damage the DNA of cells, even cause cancer development. 

SugaBuba does not use nanoparticles in its products!



Velvet soft, shiny and hydrated skin, anti-wrinkles and stretch marks care.

1. Apply Shimmering Body Glow, Shimmering Body Butter or Body Lotion to your body wherever you want to get a glowing skin.

2. Apply to dry or wet skin. Use to enhance and highlight real or fake tan.

3. Apply whenever you want to be a dazzling lady - be the star at a night party or glowing on the beach!
Use to boost complexion and get a glowing skin. Apply generously for a more dramatic effect. Can be used in combination with tanning oil or sun protection lotion.

*Shimmering Glow products have no sun protection filter.

Kalina Ivanova: “The products smell great, my skin is feeling soft, nourished and really glowing. There are a lot of glitter particles, which spread evenly and the skin looks beautiful in both sunlight and artificial light.” 

Fanny Chobanova: “Must have products......there are a lot of shiny particles and really a long lasting glitter. My skin is dazzling, feels soft and comfortable thanks to all natural oils.  An exceptional lasting and memorable fragrance! I highly recommend..... I’ve used several packs already and will continue to enjoy this products!” 

Nicoleta Uzunova: “The products are just unique, I am so satisfied! The smell is superb and long lasting, no need to comment on the glitter…! I am amazed!”  

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