Soothing Relief for Your Feet

How’s your summer going? Have you been running around a lot you busy, busy bee? Places to go people to see! Well it’s time to wind down! Let your feet rest and pamper them a bit to say thank you for how well they’ve been serving you!

Most of us are very attentive when it comes to having an enviably well-maintained pedicure; however, how many of us neglect the more important part that the pedicure just so happens to be attached to – yes, our feet?

Lets just let the question hang in the air and quickly proceed to correcting this grave error!

Reducing the amount of time you wear high-hills, wearing socks made of natural materials such as cotton, maintaining basic daily hygiene and buying shoes in the afternoon are only some of the numerous things you can do to ensure healthy feet.

The most common complaint women have, has to do with callouses.  Callouses are areas of rough, often yellowish, skin, and I couldn’t agree more – they don’t look nice, do they?

However, they do have a function. If you’ve ever played the guitar or the cello, you know that callouses are your friends and without them your fingertips burn in pain, making it impossible to continue playing. So perhaps you shouldn’t opt for removing them, but for simply managing them.

And manage them you should! Using a file or another scrubbing device and gently rubbing it against the coarse dead skin helps some of it shed thus stimulating the growth and regeneration of new cells, reducing chances of infection.


This is natural soap made of pine, wormwood, basil and tea tree that has an embedded natural sponge of loofah. This is an ideal product to gently remove dead cells whilst providing nourishment.

If you’re up for some real heavy scrubbing (although be careful there because removing too much callouses can do more damage than good, including the reappearance of it in a thicker, more resilient form) it is good to begin with soaking your feet.


This company is well established in the field of nail care and offer this great tonic as part of a normal pedicure routine. It cleanses and softens the skin, including callouses, thus making scrubbing easier and more effective.

After you’ve soaked and scrubbed you feet, in order to restore circulation and stimulate the regeneration of healthy new cells, and of course to spoil yourself, reach out for a good exfoliating cream and rub it in in circular motion.


Here’s a wonderful recommendation by Barielle. The Dead Sea salts will gently exfoliate, whilst the avocado and jojoba will sooth and reenergize the skin, and the grape seed will provide natural protection against environmental factors by toxins elimination.

Amongst the ingredients in the tub, you’ll also find refreshing spearmint oils, apricot oils, sweet almond and invigorating citrus fruits. A garden of revitalising components! 

To end your feet-pampering ritual, choose a good moisturizing cream. (Of course if you are doing your pedicure, apply the moisturizer at the very end.) Here’s our choice:


Propolis, sage, aloe vera and lots and lots of shea butter, this cream is the closest thing to a magic double-action sooth and hydrate potion that I could find!

It intensely moisturizes and leaves the skin silky and alive! Not to mention it is all natural ingredients, which makes it even better! 

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