Being good to your hands and nails is about having good daily habits and choosing the right products to use on them. We all know that there’s nothing worse than dry hands and brittle nails. Greeting people with a parched handshake and cracked nails is as memorable as offering up a dead fish to someone. Winter is still (officially) one month away, however, Hand and Nails Lotion Season has very much arrived. And if you weren't planning on hydrating for yourself, do it for the rest of humankind. Here’s how to put your best palm forward, and the best products, which our beauty researches selected for you.

Barielle Professional Protective Hand Cream

Initially, this brilliant cream caught our eye when we found out that it was created originally for professional jockeys. They tested the product on themselves, proving that it works even at the hardest grounds like Belmont Racetrack. Outrageous, right? Full of emollients, Vitamin E , Wheat Germ Oil and Vegetable protein, Barielle Professional Protective Hand Cream helps soften and hydrate hands while creating an undetectable guard against wind, extreme cold and water. 

The cream absorbs well and gives you the sensation of softness and moisture to your hands without leaving them greasy, drippy, or sticky. It has a pleasant ocean blue colour and hardly noticeable smell. 

Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream

Barielle also offers a comprehensive collection of nail treatments, treating every concern from

weak, discoloured nails to splitting, hard-to-grow nails. Among all those products, the Nail Strengthener Cream is a pure gem, the gold standard of nail treatments - tried, tested and utterly reliable. Its highly effective formula contains beeswax, vegetable protein, and vitamin E, helping nails resist splits, peels and breaks.

Within just a couple of weeks use you will feel the strength in your nails is coming back. They will look nourished and smooth as glass with a bit of natural gloss. The cream works wonders, penetrating even nail polish and keeping your cuticles soft and the skin around your nails looking healthy and groomed. Say goodbye to raggedy hangnails and hello to stronger, longer nails. 

More about Barielle

Barielle was founded 30 years ago by Howard and EsteLee Price. They didn’t set out to make hand, foot and nail treatments for chic salons or spas. In fact, their goal was to create a cream that strengthened and conditioned horses’ hooves. Amazingly, they discovered that when the jockeys applied the cream to horses, the jockeys’ fingernails became stronger and healthier — no splits, cracks or peels. The founders reformulated their revolutionary cream for women and men and expanded their product line with additional treatments. Since then, millions of people all over the world have used Barielle products to protect their skin and strengthen their nails. 



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