Skin Care and Menopause

Lets talk about menopause, honestly and unapologetically.  The truth is, all of us lucky enough to reach a mature age, will sooner or later come up against it!

It seems to me that women at the roots of our family trees were forced to view menopause as a final chord, signifying the end of their womanhood, marked by exile from societal pleasures and a pledge of servitude to the younger generations.

 Luckily, we live in a time where medicine and cosmetics give the aging female the right care by introducing methods and products that aim to restore her sense of youthfulness and vitality. 

Our bodies endure drastic changes during menopause and our skin sustains its fair share of damage and I would like to draw your attention towards the special care your skin requires once the process of menopause has begun, and make a few suggestions on how to provide it.

During the menstrual cycle, the female body produces a number of hormones, and a number of temporary hormone-releasing structures that secrete additional dozes of hormones. The main hormones involved in the process are progesterone, oestrogen and prolactin.

These hormones are not only responsible for maintaining our reproductive ability; they play a vital role in supporting the immune system, regulating fluid balance and fats metabolism, and more.

The reduction of oestrogen compromises skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin thus leaving it more vulnerable to damage; the epidermis becomes thinner and cells regeneration slows down; the ability to retain moisture is hindered and protective fat deposits are lost thus causing the skin to sag and wrinkle.

There’re a few things you can do to support your skin during menopause. Your skin care products will likely have to change.

For example, replacing a foam or a gel cleanser for a creamy cleansing milk could reduce dehydration. Additionally, any product enhanced with essential oils could provide extra nourishing.

Kueshi’s Cleasing Milk is one product that ticks both of these boxes. It contains sweet almond oil and wheat germ oil, protects the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin (this is a layer made of sebum, water and acids contained in sweat that has antibacterial and other protective functions), and hydrates.


You can combine it with Kueshi’s Silky Cleasing Scrub, which is packed with regenerative moisturizing oils and uses micro-particles from walnut shells to provide natural exfoliation.

Exfoliation prompts the skin’s cells to regenerate - by shedding the uppermost layer of dead cells it stimulates the proliferation of new cells thus aiding the process, which normally slows down during menopause.

Another thing you’d have to reconsider is your moisturizer. Normally moisturizers aimed at daily use and youthful skin tend to focus on lightness rather than substantial moisture. It might be time to switch to a thicker, more nourishing formula.

Naobay’s Extra Rich Nourishing Cream is a superb alternative! Especially designed for dry skin, it is packed with intensely hydrating oils, and fatty acids whose job is to literally feed the skin.

Ninety-eight percent of its ingredients are natural and twenty percent the result of organic farming. No need to worry about any adverse reactions. Perfect for skin prone to irritations, which is exactly what menopausal skin is.

The loss of oestrogen levels can exacerbate already existing skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or rosacea. Oestrogen has anti-inflammatory functions; therefore, its decline leaves the skin more vulnerable to irritations and various skin conditions.

Indemne’s Gimme Soothing! Lotion is an anti-irritant and its purpose is to prevent exactly those potential ailments. It restores the skin’s protective barrier and treats skin conditions. It is made of 11 natural essential oils and it is specifically designed to support delicate, sensitive skin.  

The way hormones communicate causes a domino effect to occur as soon as one stops being produced or its levels decline.

Disturbances in hormone production begin years before a woman experiences her last menstruation. This is why it’s important to begin taking special care of yourself and your skin at the first signs of amenorrhea (irregular periods). 

Seek out the right products, meditate, sleep more and eat well. For more comprehensive product recommendations take advantage of Pick N Dazzle’s Beauty Profile service where beauty experts will be able to devise a selection of products based on your individual needs.

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