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We are pleased to present you SHIMANI Smart Skincare: a new generation of anti-aging cosmetics.

The Bo:Fi series contains our patented collagen, which molecule is very small and it is fully absorbed by the skin, thus preventing wrinkles formation and skin aging. Our product is the first in the world cosmetic market with such an advanced technology.

SHIMANI's mission is to offer effective clean beauty products with maximum care for the health of your skin. Your skin will be charged, tight and plump. You can see for yourself its effectiveness!

SHIMANI products do not contain parabens, petroleum derivatives, GMOs and artificial colors.

They combine nature and science in a unique way. They are not tested on animals.

Selected Products


SHIMANI Collagen Booster® is an excellent alternative to fillers with exceptional results. Your face blooms young and vibrant.
The exclusive Matrixyl 6 peptide filler, which fills visible lines, reduces wrinkles and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and natural collagen successfully replace injections.

Moreover, edelweiss stem cells have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, limit the breakdown of collagen-elastin fibers and strengthen the skin.

Add deep hydration to sodium hyaluronate and you get a product with an indispensable role in your daily routine.


You hold a small piece of jewelry in your hand – lifting cream with collagen from the BO: FI series (with Botox filler effect), which tightens the skin, defines the contour and stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

Amazing effect! SHIMANI achieves this with ingredients such as collagen of natural origin and squalane. Guarana extract tightens the skin, babassu oil improves its structure and poppy oil nourishes it. AqaxylTM provides hydration and freshness.

A valuable combination of essential amino acids and vitamins that should find a place in your daily routine.

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"I have been working in the field of pharmacy and cosmetics for more than 16 years. I have often travelled to Africa and Asia and got acquainted with many local cosmetic products and ingredients.

Ethiopia became my second home and each time I brought with me local ingredients with which I prepared cosmetic products for my family and friends according to Ethiopian recipes.

In my hectic daily life, however, I forgot more and more to pay attention to myself. As a result of the constant stress, my skin became dull and withered.I had to take immediate action if I didn’t want to grow old prematurely. One day I made the decision to leave my corporate career and together with a team of scientists, who have also developed products for NASA, we started creating a new product.

Thus the SHIMANI Smart series was born. Our goal was to create a highly effective innovative skincare product without harmful ingredients.

With lots of love, dedication and care for people and nature, our team of professionals worked hard and long on the creation of SHIMANI Smart series.

Our aim:

to create a product that will help people like me, living in modern conditions, exposed to constant stress and polluted environment, to look beautiful, feel confident and have healthy and radiant skin.

The result for me from using SHIMANI products was that my skin regained its freshness and radiance.

For us SHIMANI is not only a product, but a concept of well-being, harmony between inner and outer self, healthy life and self-confidence."

Why are we different?

With love, care and attention to all details

SHIMANI's magical formulas are a unique blend of Bulgarian ingredients such as rose oil, rose water, pure Bulgarian collagen and patented foreign ingredients and oils.

SHIMANI products can successfully replace a large number of invasive procedures such as mesotherapy, botox and fillers. The Bulgarian collagen we use is 99.5% pure. Unlike ordinary collagen, whose molecules are too large and remain on the surface of the skin, SHIMANI's collagen molecule is small, passes through the skin and acts deeply at the molecular level to restore the skin's structure.

During water distillation, we play classical music as we believe that the positive vibrations of the melody are transmitted to the water molecules and hence to our products. When something is done with love, care and attention to detail, our customers can feel it.

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