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Sentier explores the transportive world of scent, blurring the boundaries between perception & self.

Each unique fragrance aims to awaken the confidence to explore your true potential. We offer scents that are subtle, blends that are daring and one-of-a-kind fragrances for anyone seeking to embrace their story.

Having sourced the globe to find the unique mix of oils and essences to enhance your confidence,

Our beguiling blends know no bounds, with each Sentier fragrance aiming to inspire you to tell a story through scent. Whether you want to be unforgetable, take a walk down the memory lane, become the heroine of a love story or even the villain of a thriller, there’s a perfume out there tailored to manifest your vision into a reality.

Selected Products


Woody Notes: A Timeless Elegance One spritz of Oud Gaiac will take you deep into an ancient forest, trees towering upwards towards the sky. The citrusy scents of apple and bergamot evoke those of glistening sap.

At the perfume’s heart are contrasting yet balanced notes of honeysuckle, ylang ylang and black pepper. Deep notes of vanilla and precious woods give this fragrance its base, bringing harmony to all the different elements of nature.


Citrus Burst: Zesty and Uplifting

Move away from the hustle and bustle of the city and wander along the Path of Lemons with this delicate fragrance. Zesty citrus scents are combined with floral notes of lavender and iris to transport you to the Amalfi Coast with one spritz.

Bergamot, grapefruit and tangerine swirl together to create the fresh top notes of this perfume. Along with the floral scents at its heart are orange blossom and cardamom which evoke an evening sunset. Deepening the fragrance at its base are notes of cocoa and leather, allowing the fragrance to develop as the day turns to night.


Enhanced Longevity and Projection Hear the leaves crunching beneath your feet, see the reds and ambers reflected in the sunlight, smell the complex fragrance of Balade in Autumn. Scents of the forest are mimicked in the woodiness of cedar and the hint of bitter orange, with floral notes evoking the final memories of spring.

Top notes of bigarade and saffron give this perfume an instantly exotic feel. As it develops further with Turkish rose and jasmine, any wearer can feel themselves transported to another world. The truly autumnal elements of the perfume come from its base notes, which are made up of cedar, precious resins and botanical moss.

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Perfume Wardrobe

Our genderless fragrance collection was developed around the concept of the Perfume Wardrobe – a versatile and multi-dimensional selection of scents. Each day we choose fragrance for the same reason we select an outfit – to express our true identity. The Perfume Wardrobe features a variety of scents fashioned to enhance the mood and help you embrace your uniqueness.

These scents can be worn alone or layered to create a personalised fragrance profile. Whether you’re looking for a fresh, clean scent or something more warm and sensual, the Perfume Wardrobe has something for everyone, regardless of gender.

Sentier inspires you to tell your story. Whether you want to be the heroine of a love story or the villain of a thriller, there’s a perfume out there tailored to manifest your vision into a reality.


Citrus Burst: Zesty and Uplifting

Citrus notes are the epitome of summer’s vibrancy, instantly uplifting your mood with their refreshing tang. Fragrances infused with lemon, bergamot, orange, or grapefruit exude an aura of energy and brightness. Their invigorating zing creates a delightful burst of freshness that perfectly complements the sunny days.


Woody Notes: A Timeless Elegance

Renowned for their enduring charm and timeless elegance, woody notes like sandalwood, cedarwood, and vetiver create a captivating olfactory experience. With their rich and earthy aroma lingering on the skin, they evoke a sense of sophistication and allure. Often forming the sturdy base of fragrances, these woody accords anchor the composition and ensure the scent’s longevity. Skillfully blended base of Oud Gaiac with precious woods and Gaiac Wood is the perfect woody perfume, encapsulating the essence of refinement and allure.


Enhanced Longevity and Projection

Summer fragrances are designed to be light and airy to combat the heat, but they may struggle to perform optimally in colder weather. On the other hand, autumn fragrances are typically formulated to have enhanced longevity and projection, ensuring that their captivating aromas linger on your skin and clothing throughout the day. This longevity allows you to make a lasting impression and enjoy the fragrance’s nuances as it evolves over time.

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