Seasonal skin care tips

The change of seasons is super fun and is an excellent occasion for all of us to diversify our wardrobes and everyday life. If we had an eternal summer, it probably wouldn't be so attractive to us... So don't frown in autumn and winter, they also have their positives! To get the most out of them, don't forget to take care of your cosmetics. Just like clothes, your everyday cosmetics need seasonal replacements.

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Dry and cold air directly attack your skin and dehydrate it. As a result, it is more vulnerable, irritated, and visibly low in freshness. You can avoid this effect by using a face and body scrub. That way, you will get rid of dead skin cells and make sure the pores are as clean and unclogged as possible. Éclat de beauté facial scrub is enriched with orange blossom, honey, and apricot kernels, which actively care for exfoliating and hydrating your skin.

Low temperatures do not spare your lips very much! Their delicate surface is the first to signal that it is time to increase the use of balms. Like other parts of the body, lips need to be exfoliated, so don't miss them! Remember, too, that licking and biting are your enemies. Here the advice is simple - stock up on a favourite, long-lasting lip balm and always keep it around.

Makeup removing rituals also needs to be changed. In the summer, we all sweat more, we are active most of the day, and accordingly, we need a strong product to deal with the removal of all this dirt from our skin. On the other hand, in winter the skin needs extra hydration, so the perfect solution for you is water-based cleansers for summer and oil-based cleaners for fall and winter. 

Our experts recommend the combination of Kueshi Pure & Clean - revitalizing facial tonic that combines natural moisturizers and soothing agents for the skin, and Kueshi balm for waterproof makeup removal.

Daily hydration is the next important step. If you have used lighter products in the summer, with a sun protection factor and low oil content, then in the winter you should do the exact opposite. Bet on denser products, they will protect your skin from cold gusts of wind. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent example of a product that "seals" the moisture of your skin and protects it from drying out. Apply the facial oil with hyaluronic acid twice a day, with light massage movements. The results are visible from day one!

It is time to have a look at our body! It is important to note that it is never acceptable to spend too much time in the shower because water dries and takes away from the elasticity of our skin. When temperatures drop, be sure to include moisturizing shower gel and body milk to your routine. Bet on Treets Traditions and their Nourishing Spirits series. The shower cream is soap-free, for soft and creamy cleansing of the body without drying the skin, and the body butter combines magical oils that improve the elasticity and strength of the skin.

And last but not least, pamper your hands! No one likes dry and sore hands, so always keep a favourite hand balm close to you. Our customers are crazy about Mades Greetings cream, which moisturizes and softens without leaving greasy traces.

If you are already in love with the products mentioned above, you can quickly get them. Add them to your box today and start your complete seasonal care!

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