Remanence La Nuit, The echo of the night

Remanence La Nuit bottles the echo of nights filled with passion, with secrets whispered in the dark and undisclosed desires satisfied.

It draws inspiration from French romance and bottles the feeling of fervent expectation at the beginning of a romantic night under the glowing lights of Parisian street lamps.

From hand in hand, exploring the little bistros and charming boulevards, to heart to heart, getting lost in each other’s glances under the Parisian starlight, embarking upon a journey into each other’s souls.

Remanence La Nuit represents what the French do best: love and romance! It is sensual, seductive and bewitching. Its overall aroma is of oriental spiciness and its layers gradually deepen their intensity, creating a feeling of brilliant excitement and tantalising unpredictability.

The top layer is a fusion of candied floral spice: tangerine, coriander, peach and orange blossom. Tangerine and peach’s very sweet aromas are mouth-watering and awaken an unquenchable thirst for romantic adventures.

The peppery notes of coriander and the honeyed floral aroma of orange blossom introduce a quality of eccentricity and anticipation for the unforeseen manoeuvres of passion: a feeling that anything and everything can happen!

The heart of the perfume embraces the heart of the night. The alluring concoction of cloves, mimosa, rose and sandalwood keeps you on your toes, only gently hinting of the amazing things about to happen!

The scent of cloves is deeply entrancing, warm and beguiling.

The spicy lingering notes of sandalwood enrich the romantic mystique of the cloves and elegantly blend with the sweet floral aromas of rose and mimosa: desire wrapped inside a chic veil of mystery.

The perfume rests on a hypnotic bed of vanilla, civet and amber, redolent of silence in the moonlight and the soothing sensation of the union between two lovers.

The civet supports the floral notes in the perfume and makes them intensely irresistible, echoing their impact in the drydown. The warm resinous scent of amber brings a sense of cosines.

The notes of vanilla enhance the tantalising sensuality of the bouquet and put a perfect ending to a perfect fragrance.

The French poet Marceline Desbordes-Valmore said that “two hearts in love need no words”. Let Remanence La Nuit be the silent bridge between your passion and your lover, disclosing your affections for each other the way the Seine reflects the lights of midnight Paris; sounding the notes of your love the way a French chanson translates the meaning of love in its harmony.

Remanence La Nuit recreates the mystery of French romance inside a bottle, the allure of love and desire. Not only does it inspire you to seek romantic adventures but it also stores the pictures of fantasies and memories within its redolence so you will never forget what it feels like!


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