Refresh Your Beauty or how to welcome summer in good shape

We are only two months away from the hot summer days, when every cell of our body will absorb sunlight and heat.

Did we say body ... Are we in our best shape after the long winter and the boring stay at home? We want to have a Refresh button, so we can recharge for a moment and feel refreshed, tight, energized and ready for summer, do you?

Well, we may not have a refresh button, but we have a special Beauty box from Pick N Dazzle, which has everything you need for refreshing the body, face and soul before the summer.

Here are some refreshing products we have selected especially for those of you who long for the hot summer days and the pleasure of walking with confidence on the beach:


Anti-cellulite cooling gel SUPER DREN -ANTI-WATER CRYOGEL

Lack of enough movement and insufficient amount of water (who drinks water in cold weather) lead to fluid retention in the body and the formation of cellulite.

The cooling gel with menthol absorbs quickly and imperceptibly drains the tissues. You will feel a pleasant refreshment of the skin and a visible reduction of cellulite. Don't forget to drink enough fluids. Season the water with slices of cucumber or lemon, this will help you hydrate more.


It would not be exaggerated to say that these three Ecooking products are truly legendary. Not only because they are made of natural ingredients and

created with love by the exciting Tina Søgaard, but also because the reviews from our users are more than positive.

The set contains Ecooking Peeling mask, Moisturizing mask with hyaluronic acid and shea butter and Night cream for long-lasting hydration.

Refresh your skin with Ecooking products, it needs special attention after the cold months, when it was subjected to the exhausting change of temperatures and the air dried by the heating at home.



While we are on the wave of "skin care", let's talk about the highlighter included in the new Refresh box from Pick N Dazzle.

This is a creamy product, rich in collagen, which gives the skin the smoothness and elasticity that we have after a happy vacation by the sea. The highlighter will restore the radiance of your cheekbones, refresh your face and help you start the new season with a new, higher self-confidence.


Harmonizing shower gel with lavender

Treets Traditions give us the best of nature to re-harmonize our senses and return to the serenity of our roots. Lavender oil and grape seed oil in this shower gel help soothe and restore the skin. And the aroma ...  it perfectly matches the name of our box - REFRESHING!


Oil - a miracle for nourishing the body, hair, skin and nails

You must have been impressed by how many times we said "nourish". This is not accidental. Winter is the most exhausting season for the body (and mind), because it is poor in the two main ingredients of our beauty - sun and food rich in vitamins and minerals. After five winter months, the skin, hair and nails are dry and brittle.

Here, the wonderful NOURISHING SPIRITS MIRACLE OIL comes to the rescue. Contains 6 valuable natural oils - including Baobab oil, lettuce and vitamin E. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars and helps improve the appearance of damaged skin. Apply generously after a bath with light massage movements and feel how the thirst of your skin is quenched. It's refreshing, isn't it!


Soap in the colors of the rainbow

We will also send you a piece of the rainbow in the form of multi-colored soap from Treets Traditions. It is suitable for both hands and body, but it is especially suitable for improving the mood and lifting the spirits. Enjoy its rich foam and wonderful cleansing properties while imagining taking a walk in the rainbow…

All this abundance of products will give you a refreshing start to the new season, beautifully wraped and delivered on time by us - the beauty specialists of Pick N Dazzle.

All you have to do is order your Refresh Box here and give a FRESH START to the good days!

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