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Nothing makes you feel more pampered than the highest quality luxury brands from the world’s beauty capitals like Paris, London, Milan and New York.
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Not sure Pick N Dazzle will work for you? Select 1 month delivery and see it for yourself. We’re sure you will come back for more!

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How to buy

Pick N Dazzle is a Beauty Program, delivered in a Box. 

Full sized products, selected personally by every customer, every month.

1. Select the price of your monthly box and the period of the subscription.

2. Select the products in your box!

You can choose between 1, 3 or 6 months subscription.

6 months = up to -75% discount;

3 months = up to -65% discount;

1 month = up to -55% discount;

6 months is the best offer and the start of a wanderful journey!

Buy your box here and select the products in the Box.