Power Brands

We are proud to announce that Pick N Dazzle is now richly endowed with a portfolio of international brands which are unique in the world and which cover all the lines of cosmetics and responds to the diverse needs of our consumers. At the heart of Pick N Dazzle are more than 15 brands that exemplify superior innovation in fragrance, colour, skin and body care. They all play a major role in helping us achieve our aims of helping our customers improve their beauty routine, health and well-being. 

Our acquired brands include natural and organic cosmetics lines that care for people and the environment like NAOBAY and Lady Lya; INDEMNE, a maker of the first ready-to-use essential oils; Teeez, the creative and colourful Dutch-based makeup company; DVB, David and Victoria Beckham’s range of his-and-her fragrances; the brand GUESS with its fun, fashionable and sexy image, and many more! Go to Brand Pages to browse our complete portfolio of fragrance, colour cosmetics, skin and body care brands.

Pick your Beauty Box

The box of quality cosmetics personally curated for you. Over 500 000 delivered products, over 40 000 five-stars reviews.