Pick N Dazzle Presents: Our Art Director

This is our first and biggest partner, the agency Chromeye! They started as a boutique design shop in 2004 and gradually grew into a global digital agency which converges creativity, technology and media, offering creative imagination, strategy and action that inspire, engage, challenge, and motivate consumers across various industries.

We love them, because they are passionate about simplicity, delivered with exquisite taste of precision. Below, you can read our conversation with their talented art director Tedi, responsible for the visual elements of Pick N Dazzle. 

Tell us more about your background? 

I have a BA in Graphic design and animation. I’ve been working at the design agency Chromeye for the past 3 years and now, as a senior designer,  run a team of 6 people.

What do you do for Pick N Dazzle? 

I’m pretty much the visual wizard for Pick N Dazzle. I am in charge of everything visual and supervise all pages, ads, etc. 

What do you like most about Pick N Dazzle? What do you like about your job? 

The fact that I’m getting paid to look at pictures on Pinterest and fashion or beauty blogs. 

What’s your favourite beauty product among all? Which cosmetic product do you use most frequently?

Moisturizer and sun screen should be the top things in any woman’s beauty list. 

What kind of beauty are you according to our Beauty Profile? / What’s your most favourite style?

I'm more of a Romantic / Dreamer kind of gal, but also an Elegant / Classic wanna-be. I think the in-between version of this is called “Lazy chic”

Do you have a beauty routine?

Moisturizer, sun screen, BB cream, lip balm and mascara in that order. I will put eyeliner or matte lipstick if I’ll be going out with someone I like. 

Tell us a beauty hack or tip that could be of use to our audience? (the best advice you've ever received?) 

“Pluck the hairs on your eyebrows in the direction that you want them to grow.” I really would have loved someone to tell me that when I was a teenager. 

Which are the trends in Spring 2015 that you like most? 

Clean skin and graphic eyeliner. I've always loved Lady Gaga's eyeliner in her Judas music video. Also the “Rooney Mara look” is my all-time favorite and definitely a timeless classic. 

What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?


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