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About the brand

We can’t clean our faces, apply makeup, or perform any other beauty ritual without our trusted beauty tools.

That is why we at Pick N Dazzle are offering you high-quality beauty tools in addition to the products in your personal beauty box. They are practical and fun to use, too.

We have specifically selected each tool and branded it with the Pick N Dazzle logo as a guarantee of its efficacy and quality.

Selected Products



Jade is believed to have healing powers and absorb negative energy.

Jade rollers are massaging tools, jade allegedly boosts blood circulation, helps remove excess fluid under the eye and helps products absorb better into your skin.

Can be used by themselves or in combination with your regular undereye creams.

Tip: Pop the roller in the fridge or a dedicated skin-care mini fridge a few minutes prior to jade rolling for an extra cooling effect.


Diamond Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set of four brushes.

Powder brush, blush/contour brush, concealer makeup brush, angled makeup brush for precise lines, eyeliner, shadow, eyebrow shaping.

You can take them in a set or separately, depending on your needs!

A real jewel on your makeup collection! Made of quality materials.

Tip from the tipsy experts: always clean your makeup brushes at least once a week!


Innovative design

A practical cosmetics bag with an innovative design, plus an additional wallet.

For your beauty products, makeup, or other belongings. It holds all your products while remaining compact! Convenient for everyday use, or for your trips and vacations.

It’s ideal for the products from your PICK N DAZZLE box! You’ve never had such a handy bag for everything you need. Your choice of turquoise or red!

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