Our Lips Aren’t All the Same: Why Some Lipsticks Work Better On You

In terms of lip textures, there are different variations of dry and nourished. For example, your lips may be dry, chapped and flaking or nourished and moist but not smooth. “As a rule, sheer [product] formulas are far more moist, so they condition dry lips well. Matte formulas are more dry[ing], so matte formulas are better for nourished lips that are smooth. Cream formulas work well on everyone as they’re not too dry and not too moist. Lipsticks with shimmer are long-wearing but can make dry lips look even drier,” says Ramy Gafni, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Brow Expert, and Founder of Ramy Beauty Therapy.

There are several things that could affect the perfect application of your favorite lip color. “Many folks have different levels of moisturization on their lips and it is translated in different ways when applying lipstick. For some, it could allow less lipstick to stay on, while many folks are able to go without lipstick for periods of time due to the extra moisture,” says dermatologist Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

Whether you prefer a lipstick, stain, gloss or another formula, your lips won’t hold the color if they’re too dry. People with dry skin often have dry lips, as well.







“Patients who are on Accutane or other drying medications also have trouble with dry lips. Without moisture, any lip color you apply will wear off quickly,” says Dr. Schlessinger. Like with your hair and skin, the texture of  your lips may change  as you get older. If you feel your lips have lost color, try a lipstick with good coloration instead of a sheer or gloss type. If you feel like it’s lost moisture, then go the opposite route.

To avoid having to re-apply lipstick all day, there are several tricks:

1. Fill entire lip with a nude or lip-toned lip pencil. This gives the lipstick something to adhere to. Apply lipstick on top of the lip pencil.

2. Separate a two-ply tissue and apply your lipstick. Hold one ply tissue up to your lips and apply pressed powder directly onto your lips through the tissue. Remove tissue and reapply lipstick. “It will last twice as long as usual!” says Gafni.

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