Our Favourites: Rose-Inspired Beauty Products

There’s something about roses that makes us get weak in the knees. It’s no wonder, really, that there are thousands of products that bring us back to that special feeling that only a long stem rose can induce. In our attempt to navigate you through the thousands of choices available on the market, we’ve created a simple guide with our 5 most favourite rose-inspired beauty products. 

Rose oil doesn’t just smell gorgeous, it also happens to have several beauty benefits: it’s anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericide and stimulating. Rose Oil keeps the skin hydrated and nourished and helps reduce the appearance of scares. It also aids the skin in producing collagen and new skin cells. 

1. Shower gel Rose with Rose Oil from The Rose Cosmetics Series: The entire bathroom will smell like a rose garden – and not in a perfumey, fake way – in a feel-good, fresh way. Moreover, this shower gel gives serious suds, and leaves skin feeling fabulously soft, in that ready to be touched and caressed way. There’s a matching rose-scented body lotion, too. It’s equally as fantastic and pairs wonderfully with the shower gel for a well-rounded, rosey bathing experience.

2. Gel For Intimate Hygiene from The Rose Joghurt Series: This gentle gel is a pure bliss. It contains a combination of natural rose water, yoghurt, olive oil, aloe extract, milk proteins which act softening and soothing. It provides long lasting delicate freshness of roses throughout the day. This gel also helps to balance natural pH and fight infection.

3. Lip Balm Rose with rose concrete from The Rose Cosmetics Series: The cult-favorite lip balm with a hint of rose hue is both moisturizing and colorful. It softens and protects your pucker in sun and swim season, but also gives your mouth a natural reddish tint, like you just ate a basket of strawberries. The enriched formula with cocoa butter has a useful revitalizing effect on chapped and cracked lips, regaining their tenderness and beauty.

4. Wild Rose Deodorant from Weleda: This is literally the perfect smelling rose, like Weleda bottled an entire rose garden and offered it in the form of an all-natural deodorant. Really gives new meaning to sweating roses… and it’s not harmful for you, free of aluminum and such.

5. Body Milk Rose Joghurt from The Rose Joghurt Series: This could, quite possibly, be our favourite rose-inspired product that we’ve tried thus far. It’s literally like revealing the Cleopatra's beauty secret (taking milk baths), but scented with the finest, freshest roses that leave the skin deliciously smooth and radiant. Your beauty routine is not complete without Body Milk Rose Joghurt… seriously.

Which is your favourite rose-inspired beauty product? Tell us in the comments below!

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