Our Best-Selling Summer Beauty Products That Are Worth Checking

In the world of makeup, universally flattering is a nearly impossible feat. Considering variations in complexion, facial features and personal style, pleasing everyone is almost never in the cards. After all, this is the reason why our beauty service exists. Which is why it’s so shocking when a beauty product manages to earn cult status, making itself irreplaceable in more makeup bags than not. Take the Super Dren Anti-cellulite treatment by Bottega di Lunga Vita for example; it smooths onto the skin very easily, comes with a wealth of scientific research behind it, and has practically become the crowd-sourced response to the question: “What is the best anti-cellulite treatment?” And it’s not just hype—there’s a reason why our customers come back and ask for more of the Super Dren products every single day: They’re really that good. Here are just a few of the comments we received from our customers: 

Anti-Water Cryogel

Andreea: It's amazing! The skin looks much better after using it!
Ana: I love it :X
Anne: Sensation of coolness and freshness right after the first use. 


Anti-Cellulite Cream with AHAs

Teo: I would like to receive this product again!
Alexandra: Very good product, love it.


Night Concentrate Ampoules

Oana: It has absorbed almost instantly into the skin and left the skin much softer.


So without further ado, here, three of the best-selling anti-cellulite products by Bottega di Lunga Vita.

Anti-Water Cryogel’s Benefits: 

  • absorbs rapidly with an ice effect 
  • helps you feel a little toned and lighter instantly
  • goes on without any stickiness 
  • has an impressive skin firming action 
  • contrasts water retention, promotes the microcirculation and eliminates excess fluids

How to use it: Apply it in the morning on the target areas (buttocks, thighs, hips) for an immediate sensation of fresh well-being.

Anti-Cellulite Cream with AHAs’s Benefits: 

  • lovely and creamy texture 
  • visibly improves the appearance of “orange peel skin”
  • confers tone and compactness to tissues
  • purifies the cells with a phytocomplex that helps to eliminate infiltrated cellulite

How to use it: Apply the cream evenly over the desired areas. Massage gently so the skin can absorb the cream. 

Night time concentrate in phials’s Benefits: 

  • premium and luxurious anti-cellulite treatment 
  • innovative concentration for a fast application in the form of a serum
  • thermogenic, draining and powerful reducing action on fat deposits 

How to use it: Apply an ampoule every evening for 14 consecutive days before sleep. Remember that during the night the skin’s permeability increases and the product’s active ingredients are absorbed more easily.

The Super Dren line combines all the products you need to whip your lower half into tip top shape. If you want to add high-quality anti-cellulite treatment to your beauty routine, sign up for our beauty service

For Sleek Picks we feature Anti-Water Cryogel 

For Dazzling Picks -- Cellulite Cream with AHAs

For Premium Picks -- Night time concentrate in phials

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