Old Hollywood Glamour

Old Hollywood Glamour

Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers – women that left deep, memorable marks in the star-studded skies of Hollywood, and within the hearts of generations of men and women!

Their charisma, talent and vitality raised the status not only of the film industry but of popular culture in general! They were inspirational as women as well as actresses! They introduced beauty standards that will never grow old and will always remind us of their unfading glory.

Believing, even for a second, that we can ever fully seize that magic is absurd,but the least we can do is try to capture a little piece of it by recreating the legendary Classical Hollywood look that made these women look so irresistible.

Back in those days, many of the actresses, and especially Marilyn Monroe, were said to apply vaseline on their faces before moving on to foundation. The vaselin is what created that dewy look on her skin. Of course, luckily, today we have primer.

So apply primer before putting on your foundation. Don’t go for a matte finish one, just a simple primer that will keep your make up on for longer, which was the real purpose of vaselin back then.

Go for medium cover foundation because it is more likely to leave your skin looking natural than a full cover foundation.

Moving on the real part, the make up that intensified the beauty of these women, I’d like to start with blush. It was bold and beautiful, and the birth of contouring.

Apply just below the edges of you check bones to create the illusion of well-defined, raised cheeks, beautiful in both men and women! And consider this: Marilyn Monroe’s make up artist used to put a gentle tap of blush on the tip of her nose, resulting in a nose that looked small and elegant.



I can’t think of any blusher more suitable for the task than Be Blushous by Teeez! It is reminiscent of voguish jewellery itself, and is extremely convenient: it comes in an abundance of shades. It can’t be difficult to find the right one when there’s plenty to choose from!

White eye shadow is not something that we often wear today, however back in those days, what Marilyn Monroe shrewdly named the ‘Greta Gabro eye’ was one of the most poignant characteristic of the Classical Hollywood look.


‘The Greta Gabro eye’ was the bold method of applying white, shimmering eye shadow all the way up to the brow bone. It illuminates the eye luxuriously! Try this:



It’s called glam eyes because it has that enchanting dazzle to make your eyes sparkle like the eyes of a legendary Hollywood beauty!

And we come to the cat eye! This was truly a game changer in the world of beauty cosmetics! The defined, smooth, dramatic lining of the upper lid that gave women all over the world a dangerous weapon – deep, penetrating eyes that have the power to render any man weak!


This will give you a truly dramatic look! Its dip-and-stroke brush allows control over the application and makes eyeliner easier to use than ever! The result is soft but intense.

Make up back then really focused on brining out the eyes and I guess we can’t go without mentioning the special attention that make up artists devoted to these ladies’ eyebrows! 


The best way to apply eyebrow pencil is by making small, separate strokes upwards thus creating the illusion of actual hairs. Well-defined brows create a feeling of tidiness and shape the face beautifully. 

And finally here comes the grand final – the lurid, bewitching red lips! Some things never die! I’d have to devote a whole article purely on the techniques adopted by make up artist to create those legendary lips, for now I would just suggest a strong competitor in the field – lip lacquer!


Lip Lacquer gives you all the benefits that those Classical Hollywood lips had! The colour is intense, thick and shinny!  The brush allows for precise lining.

It’s modern day advantages are that it is non sticky, does not smudge and has a hydrating formula and takes care of your lips’ health as well as their beauty!

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