No Time to Wash Your Hair This Morning? Read This Now.

Switch Up Your Part

One of the easiest ways to hide greasy strands and add extra volume is to use a comb to part your hair on the opposite side. 

Mask the Scent of Happy Hour​

If your Thursday night plans included happy hour, chances are you’re not going to wake up in time to wash your hair. To hide that tell-tale bar-hair smell from your boss, mist a scented spray, like DVB Signature and Beyoncé Heat, on your tresses.

Resist the Urge to Brush​

At least, until you've added dry shampoo. If you brush your hair prior, it can distribute oil through your hair, making it look clumpy and stringy.

Use Your Dry Shampoo Properly

Don't just haphazardly spray it at your roots and hope for the best. That can leave you with hair that looks powdery and dull. Hold it at least six inches away from your roots, and let it soak in for ten minutes before styling. If your bottle of dry shampoo runs out and you’re in a pinch, try dusting a translucent powder over your roots with a big fluffy brush for a similar effect.

Braids Are Still Your BFF

Pick a braid, any braid. They'll helps mask messy and oily strands, plus they hold better when your hair is a little dirty anyway.

(Dry) Shampoo at Night

If you know you're not going to have time to shower the next morning, twist your hair into a bun and mist dry shampoo over it before hitting the sheets the night before. In the morning, you'll wake up to voluminous, oil-free hair. 

Only Wash Part of Your Hair

If your hair is past the point where dry shampoo can help, section off your hair around your part. Clip everything else out of the way. Get the hair around your part wet, do a quick shampoo, and rinse. A quick once-over with your blow-dryer, and it’ll looks as good as new. Try this trick with bangs as well. 

Douse Your Split Ends With Hair Oil

Second or third-day hair doesn't always manifest itself as oily roots. If your hair is damaged, your ends can start to look crunchy and tangled. For instant smoothing, try a dry conditioner or smooth on a nourishing hair oil before styling (and then get started on a hair mask regimen, stat). Just be sure to keep the products far away from your roots.

Create a Distraction

When in doubt, distract! Make a bold lip color the focal point of your look, and pull your hair back into a simple bun.



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