Meet our new brand: Indemne, proudly made in France

French women are famous for taking great care of their skin. They start looking after their skin as soon as they enter their early teen years and the results are often very striking. One of the reasons for their beauty is not only their strict beauty regimen, but also the high quality French brands that they use. So if you haven’t heard of the French brand Indemne before, you need to check it out because the company is being hailed as the next big thing in skin care. 

Indemne is an eco-bio brand specialising in natural skin care using only essential and vegetable oils to treat sensitive, irritated or blemish-prone skin. When the inspiring lady who founded the company decided to create a unique line of skin care products her mission for the brand was twofold: since she suffered from skin problems herself and couldn’t find any effective natural treatment, she wanted to set out products that simply work - and she wanted to do so by using simple and natural ways, suited to the needs of all ages, genders, and skin sensitivities. The result is Indemne, a certified French skincare range that was founded in France and has since expanded to reach an international market. 

Indemne is proud of the fact that its products are the first ready-to-use essential oils. Up until now, no brand has offered a credible alternative to industrial creams in order to treat atopic skin conditions. Indemne has invented the first treatment composed of essential oils combined with other natural ingredients. By combining several essential oils, the brand creates complex blends, which are particularly powerful. The benefits of essential oils are combined with those of vegetable oils. Together, Indemne products promote comfort, well-being, health and beauty. Contrary to what is offered by other brands, 


there is nothing to prepare - Indemne’s skin care products are ready-to-use. So, go ahead and give Indemne a try! Your skin yearns for this healthy and nurturing treatment and has been needed it for years.

Generally, you need to add Indemne products to your beauty routine if you have: 

1) Persistent itching and red skin

2) Irritated skin and scalp, prone to flaking and inflammation

3) Oily skin with imperfections

4) Skin Prone to Cellulite 

Also, keep in mind that all of the Indemne products are free from animal testing and are 100% natural. If you want to find out more about the company’s strict ethical mission of healthy, rigorous and uncompromising conduct, Indemne provides its own Charter of commitments in the packaging of every product. Oh, we almost forgot to mention the packaging! Can you imagine something more elegant and pleasing that prettily packaged skin care products of high French quality? Yes, we neither.

If you want to try one of the Indemne products, there’s an easy way for that. Just go and check our Beauty Profile, fill up your information and we will do the restSubscribing to our service, you get every month only the best products on the market, suited especially for you. The high quality natural brand Indemne is just one of our carefully selected brands. If you're curious to see the rest of them, go and check our Brand Pages. 

Have you tried any Indemne products? What did you think? Share with us in the comments below.

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