Meet our new brand: Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo

We love interesting brands with a story. That’s why we were bouncing off the walls to present you Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo. Its factory for processing essential oil raw materials was founded in 1948 in Karlovo. Until the 60-ties, the production process in the factory was seasonal and involved production of essential oils – rose, lavender and mint, as well as concretes and absolutes - rose and lavender. Today, the cosmetic products of Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide, including those with a tradition in the cosmetic industry like France, Italy and others.

One of the most well-known series of Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo is The Rose line. We’ve already told you about the benefits of rose essential oil. In addition to its fabulous fragrance rose oil is chock full of antioxidants and vitamins. So let’s face it - it is basically the ultimate natural elixir for your skin. You want a proof? Just spend a few minutes with rose oil mask and watch fine lines fade away, leaving a toddler glow or try the Body Lotion with rose oil that will regain your body’s satin softness. 

The Rose Joghurt products, another great line from Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo, combine two natural elixirs, unique in the world - 100% original Bulgarian rose oil obtained in the company’s own distillery and the famous Bulgarian yoghurt. These splendid natural ingredients add a sense of serenity and purity, further to the rich and long-lasting floral aroma. The line’s exquisite complex care retains skin youth and beauty by intensively regenerating skin cells, recovering the hydro balance and nourishing in depth. Moreover, the line is suitable for all skin types, even the most 

sensitive. Just try a product from The Rose Joghurt line and you will add emotional pleasure, visible results and long lasting effect to your beauty routine just like that!

Last, but not least, we want to present you the company’s Spa Energy line. What we love most about it? Well, the fact that you can skip the booking in a modern SPA centre and try a product from Spa Energy line at home. Isn’t that hilarious? Believe us, when you use the line’s products, you will feel like you’re on a short holiday at the seaside, shaking off the stress. And there’s a reason for that. The products offer the wealth of the sea water that contains over 30 chemical compounds in the form of salts, priceless extracts of caviar and seafood. Penetrating through the skin, they exert their therapeutic effect, even without any special procedures. Full with vitamins, minerals, seaweed extract and seawater concentrate, this luxury line will energise and revitalise your skin like never before so you can look your best every day. 

If you want to try one of Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo products, there’s an easy way for that. Why don’t you check our Beauty Profile, fill up your information and we will do the rest. Subscribing to our service, you will get every month only the best products on the market, suited specially for you. Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo's products are just one of them. Stay tuned to go to our Brand Pages to see the rest of them.

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