Matte or Glossy Lipstick??

Let’s face it – the lips make the look.

You have a choice: a classic high shine, or a super-trendy, matte pop of color?

Here is what you need to consider.

Lip dryness

Some matte lipsticks can be drying. Even if not, they are more unforgiving on lip imperfections: the solid block of color will reveal the lips’ texture. This means that, before it comes to applying lipstick, you have to do some prep work.

Exfoliate your lips first. You can use a special lip scrub. Or – and this is top secret – you can apply your usual face scrub to your lips.

To prevent the matte lipstick from drying your lips, you can try layering with lip balm first and applying lipstick on top.

If using cream or glossy lip color, the steps above are less essential. These lipsticks tend to be more hydrating. Their glossy sheen also reflects more light and thus better covers up dry or cracked skin underneath.

How much time do you have?

As you can already see, the matte vs glossy decision depends on how much time you want to spend on your lips on a given day. Matte means the extra step of exfoliation.

You also may need lip liner, especially if your lips are thinner and you’d like to give them a bit more volume. Glossy lipsticks and toppers tend to create volume, whereas matte lipsticks appear as a super-chic flat pop of color.

Matte lipstick also has to be applied carefully, as it is more unforgiving if you smudge it outside the lips’ outline. Be careful and take your time.

In short, if you have about 30 seconds to spend on your lipstick that day, glossy may be the way to go.

What’s the occasion?

Everyone can do glossy! To really stand out, especially on a more formal occasion, go for a stunning matte lip. It looks bold and sophisticated, like a statement piece of jewelry. It’s a little bit retro in the best possible way.

You wouldn’t wear a flower print jumpsuit to a black-tie dinner – so don’t settle for pink lip gloss. Go for a grown-up and stylish matte red lip.

Lip shape

Love your lip shape? Matte is your friend. The light reflected off the glossy lipstick draws attention away from your lips’ outline. On the contrary, a solid matte color would show off those curves you love.

Bonus tip: add a tiny touch of highlighter just above the middle of your upper lip, in the Cupid’s Bow. You’ll look stunning.

Thinner lips like glossy finishes, which make them appear gorgeously full. Give them a high-shine boost with the most lustrous gloss you can find.

But, in the end…

…rules are meant to be broken. Try a matte and a glossy color, blend them, layer them, and find your own style.

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