Matching Your Perfume to Your Outfit

So how you can match your perfume with your outfit? Each perfume is unique and has its own character and style, so take this into consideration when you are choosing what scent to wear. There are so many wonderful fragrances to choose from, which can be found in our online portfolio.

The time of year and the weather outside will have an impact on what kind of clothing you wear, so it should also influence your fragrance choice. During the autumn, you will probably start to wrap up warm in trench coats, cardigans, wool dresses and other adorable cosy clothing in soft and romantic colours. With these outfits, you can wear a heavier and muskier perfume, one with undertones of sandalwood, vanilla and musk like the new French addition to our portfolio Troubling Senses

Pairing Fragrances and Styles

Another thing to consider when pairing fragrances with your style is the overall feeling that your outfit conveys. Troubling Senses is made especially to match with your preppy-chic look and when you try re-create that famous Parisian style. This perfume instantly makes everything seem more put-together and polished with its notes of mandarine, bergamot and jasmine. This little gem is



definitely not for the days that you are just keeping it simple and wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

Let the Perfume “Speak” To You

Pairing perfume to your clothing really depends on your interpretation of the scent. There is no right answer, but your best bet is to inhale the perfume while keeping your eyes closed and letting your imagination reveal what images you picture. This is an interesting exercise and the images that come to mind will give you a hint of what outfit you should pair it with and what context you should wear it in.

When you inhale Troubling Senses, you might think of sensuality and seduction – which means that you can wear it on a glamorous date along with your little black dress, too.

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