Love letters will never go out of style

You think that only women are interested in our beauty box? Well, you will be surprised! Now every man could express his love and gratitute to his nearest and dearest lady with a beauty box from our Make A Girt Shop. Easy, one click shopping and free delivery, no Beauty Profile needed and three trendy products based on your loved one's age group. We won't forget to add a more personal touch with a beautiful gift card with your name on it! Of course, a love letter from you would always make the gift more touching. So here's some inspiration from one of our favourite beauty bloggers of Romania - Stephanine:

Dear A.,

 I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to have you in my life. We’ve been through so much these past four years… There were really 



good moments, like our trips to Egypt, Tunisia and Greece, but also tough times like the moment I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Thyroiditis  or my parents’s ugly divorce. For at least two years, I’ve been a total mess, dealing with daily panic attacks and hundreds of phobias, quitting jobs and gaining more than 10 kilos, losing the look that once took your breath away. But you didn’t walk away from me. Instead, you chose to stand by my side and be with me for better or worse, always supporting me in everything I did. And I… as a reward for your kindness, treated you badly all this time, shedding all my anger and inner pain on you. How did you find the power to love me when I least deserved it? How could I’ve been so selfish and cruel? Forgive me, darling, for all the nasty things I said to you. You know they weren’t true…

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