Love Attack for Women, Aphrodite’s Love Potion

When the Greek Goddess Aphrodite rose from the white foam of the sea she enticed every mortal man and God that laid eyes on her and thus bestowed upon the world the gifts of love and beauty! Aphrodite enjoyed the attention of many Gods and indulged in numerous passionate affairs!

However, it was the mortal man Adonis that she fell hopelessly in love with. Sadly her one true love died in a tragic accident. As she held him in her arms cursing the Fates for condemning him to death, she turned the drops of blood falling from his wounds into a sea of windflowers!

Love Attack for Women is inspired by Aphrodite and celebrates the transforming powers of love and attraction! It combines the essences of ardent infatuation and contemplative affection.

Its layers, with their tantalizing contrasts, represent the stages of a love story beginning from intense unbridled passion, going through a sense of togetherness and serenity, and persevering in a deep feeling of infinity and boundlessness.

The top layer is composed of energising citrus notes – pink grapefruit, blood orange and mandarin, redolent of the dizzying hypnotising powers of love!

The smell of pink grapefruit is uplifting and revitalising, tangy, with a bitter aftertaste intensifying the experience.

Blood orange is very sweet and succulent, reminiscent of the pleasures of love and the time spent together! The honeyed notes of mandarin perfectly complement this passion-stirring concoction.

This first layer is designed to draw in, captivate and give your romantic affairs a blossoming start!

It is in the heart of the perfume that we find the stable substance of love: the feelings of warm affection and passionate friendship. They are distilled within the notes of blackcurrant, lily and jasmine.

The blackcurrant with its rich candied sourness is intense and impactful, whilst the lily and jasmine’s creamy floral spiciness brings about an intoxicating feeling of tranquillity! Unperturbed love that gives you a sense of serenity!

The two layers rest upon a bed of eternal cosmic mystique reminiscent of the unexplainable, unconditional affection in a love affair that lasts forever!

The notes of white musk, ambergris and tonka bean complement each other to create a spellbinding drydown.

White musk has a creamy earthy aroma that perfectly balances the subtle candied marine scent of precious ambergris. Tonka bean is a blend of comforting notes such as cinnamon, cherry, vanilla, almond and spice.

The sense of smell is the most powerful trigger of memories known to nature. Love Attack for Women is designed to leave an inerasable mark upon the object of your affections!

Everybody needs a little help in the game of love. Think of Love Attack for Women as of your secret weapon: that little something that a woman leaves on a man, Aphrodite’s love potion in a pretty little bottle!

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