Lips, Lips, Lips… Who Can Resist Them? PART 2

In part 1, I looked at the more traditional lip colour products that we’ve known for ages and come to love dearly. Hopefully the description of their benefits has helped you identify the type of product most suitable for your lips and lifestyle.

Now, let’s look at some great combination products that blend the strengths of our well-known ones, in order to manage the needs of every modern woman, everywhere. This is the real evolution of lip products.


Lip lacquer combines the glamorous shine of lip gloss and the smooth, thick texture of lipstick, thus providing the best from both products. It comes in liquid form with a brush applicator.

The colours are just as intense as lipsticks but they have the beautiful finish of lip gloss. It lasts longer than lip gloss, not necessarily as long as lipstick but you get the best from both worlds!

 It has an advantage over lipstick – it is easier and quicker to apply thus allowing even a low-maintenance lady to look like a million dollars in a few short second!


Style Lip Lacquer from Astor has a smooth creamy texture that feels like a real treat for the lips! It is high in pure colour pigments and the coverage is thick and intense. Its formula provides hydration for the lips thus making them soft and well moisturised.

It comes in 10 fabulous colours; it guarantees no bleeding and even Heidi Klum is in love with it! She says Style Lip Lacquer offers her exactly what she needs when it comes to stylish-looking lips – the stunning colours and the healthy conditioning! You must try it!


The lip crayon is a real saviour when you’ve got chapped, dry lips in dire need of hydration and at the same time need to look irresistible and natural. It combines the texture of lipstick with the hydration of lip balm and the subtle colours of lip gloss.

It tends to last longer than both lip balm and lip gloss and almost as long as lipstick.  It is perfect for everyday use! It is easy, convenient and keeps your lips healthy and beautiful!


This lip crayon from Astor combines the colour and wear of lipstick with the moisture of balm.  

It has a beautiful subtle matte finish and unlike most crayons, guarantees a long lasting colour.

It is available in 6 cool trendy colours and it certainly won’t disappoint!


What are long-wear lip products, I wondered. Well they come in many different shapes and forms so it can, indeed, get rather confusing! The first time I heard of one, I heard of the so-called lip stain!

 Well here it is – lip stain is different from lipstick because it does not contain wax, instead it contains gel, water and pigments.

It seems to be the collective name for all long-wear lip colour products, and it comes in a variety of application methods, in fact, just as varied as the array of lip colour products on the market today.

You can find lip stain in the form of lipstick, liquid or balm that you have to apply with a separate brush. The one thing they all have in common is the speed at which they dry out on the lips once applied. The substance sets almost as soon as it touches the skin.

Lip stains last up to 18 hours, depending on the product, and are almost entirely non-transferable, which means you can drink out of a glass and not leave any lipstick on it.

A few disadvantages of lip stains are the lack of variety in colours – there aren’t as many shades available as there are with, lets say, lipstick. They are limited 

when it comes to shine, they are mostly matte and they don’t really nurture the lips with hydration.

However most of them don’t contain any alcohol and can, also, be applied after lip balm to ensure hydration. And that lack of shine issue I mentioned, well my favourite pick by Astor has found a way around it!


This 16 hour lasting lip colour comes armed with a glossy top coat layer that makes your lips shine unlike most lip stains.

Apply the intense lip colour first and follow with the gloss to lock moisture and colour together!

12 breath-taking colours to choose from! A must have for any woman or girl!

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