Legendary Model Carol Alt Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets

Why did you start eating raw? “Losing weight was hard for me when I was modeling. I was starving all the time. I was always tired. I used to begin my days with a Scotch and coffee with whipped cream, like an Irish coffee. I couldn’t get up without that sugar and adrenaline kick. Then I got uterine cancer. So this was very important information for me. And I wanted to get it out there to people because it’s so powerful.”

What’s the most common health question you get? "'How do you do it?’ People think I pop a pill, but when I start telling them, their faces fall because they realize they’re going to have to make changes. But it’s easy once you have the information. First, educate yourself. Second, find raw foods and try everything. Then decide what you like and order it. When I started 17 years ago, you couldn’t go online. But now, raw foods are everywhere. And in the beginning, I ate like a pig. That’s when people start to get panicky. But your body craves what it needs. Then it will hit equilibrium, and you’ll eat half.”

Is there one food that you miss the most? “This is the surprise I tell everyone: I cheat. I’m not an angel. I’m not Super Woman. If I’m sitting at an Italian restaurant and everyone is having pizza, I take a piece and put it on a plate next to me. But I eat what I ordered first, and usually by the time I finish my food, I don’t want that pizza. If I still want it after dinner, though, I’m going to have it. And that relieves you of the pressure of having to be good all the time.”

Describe a typical day’s diet. “I’m kind of a die hard, so my typical day is not a typical day. I take my own milk and add a kefir starter, because kefir has more probiotics in it. And Go Raw has all kinds of fantastic granola. So there’s kefir and granola in the morning. For lunch, I will do a gigantic salad with everything in it—carrots, avocado, olives, anything you can think of. Then for dinner, I’ll have tartare or carpaccio and salad. Sometimes I’ll

actually have a seared steak that’s brown and blue, not black and blue. And then for dessert, I’ll have fruit. If I know I’m going to an event at night, I’ll have some raw-milk cheese and raw crackers before I go.”

What are some of the best anti-aging beauty tips you’ve learned? “I once had a woman try to tell me that as you get older, you should put less mascara on. But I just love lashes. I don’t mean like in the '70s when everyone used to have that really thick mascara—I call it the Long Island look, because that’s where I grew up. But a nice coating of mascara is important because it makes the eyes look bigger and fuller. I also find women who don’t change the color of their hair end up looking older, because their skin tone changes gradually over time. As you get older, you've got to get the ash out of it. You need warm colors.”

What are your favorite beauty products? “I use a washcloth to stimulate the skin instead of a chemical-laden scrub. I use coconut oil and olive oil. I found a great calendula oil that is mixed with sweet-almond oil. I’m big on oil. Once you hit 50, it’s like your whole body drains of it. For my hair, I use Soignée or Dr. Robert Young’s Head pHhirst shampoo. And I like Rosemary Swift’s beauty line [RMS Beauty]."

What’s the most surprising thing in your refrigerator? “Everybody tells me my refrigerator looks like a biology experiment. I have stacks of my skin-care products in there—toners, oils. The vegetables and fruits are on the counter, and the beauty products are in the fridge.”

Source: www.allure.com

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