Keira Knightley Poses For The Edit, Talks About Ticking Off Another Birthday

Actress Keira Knightley is the latest cover star for Net-a-Porter’s online magazine called The Edit. Posing in dreamy dresses photographed by David Bellemere and styled by Natalie Brewster, Keira looks as elegant as ever in the story. It’s clear that she is perfectly cast as the bewitching heroine of our fashion fantasy. So it’s a shame that she doesn’t believe in fairy-tales. “I left them behind,” she shrugs. “Why should you be told to wait for some f***ing dude to rescue you?” The brunette also talks about turning down certain roles because of too much sex and violence and about what's like to be at the age of 30.

Knightley herself has no qualms about ticking off another birthday. “I’m absolutely fine about it. I had a funny 22, I didn’t like that number. But 30, I’m alright with. With me, everything before 25 wasn’t so fun, but everything post has been great.”

With her own 30th birthday months away and a ring on her wedding finger, does Knightley feel grown-up yet? “I don’t know, what’s that meant to feel like?” she laughs. “There’s a concept of how you should be and I’m not sure anybody really fits into it. I hope they don’t, because I don’t feel like I do.”

Children, she agrees, could be one of the defining factors. “I’ve got friends in their thirties and they’re like, ‘I should have met the person and I should be married because I’m this age, and I should be thinking about kids.’ And you can’t say, ‘It’s OK,’ because there’s a clock with kids and that’s hard.”

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